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Accessibility Links and Resources

An annotated collection of dozens of online resources in web accessibilty.

Accessify. Resources>Directories>Accessibility>Web Design


AIfIA Information Architecture Library

The IA Library is a selection of resources related to the field of information architecture. The collection includes articles, books, blogs, and more.

AIfIA. Resources>Directories>Information Design


AIGA Experience Design: Case Study Archive

Welcome practitioners, educators and students from all experience design disciplines! The goal of this archive is to build a teachable and learnable body of knowledge for the extended experience design community, which can be referenced and is freely accessible. These cases have been peer-reviewed and present best-practices from each year.

AIGA. Resources>Directories>Information Design>Case Studies


Alltop - Top Technical Writing News

An RSS feed aggregator/amalgamator which permits visitors to browse recent posts to 31 influential technical writing blogs (including the TC Library).

Alltop. Resources>Directories>Writing>Technical Writing


Association of British Science Writers: Members' E-Mail Directory

This page lists freelance and staff writers who have their own web pages. there is a separate page for members you can reach by email. Members: fill in this form to get into the directory.

ABSW. Resources>Directories>Scientific Communication>United Kingdom


Association of British Science Writers: Members' Websites Directory

This page lists freelance and staff writers who have their own web pages. there is a separate page for members you can reach by email. Members: fill in this form to get into the directory.

ABSW. Resources>Directories>Scientific Communication>United Kingdom


ATTW Teaching Resources: Textbook Publishers

This section provides a list of links to publishers of technical writing textbooks.

ATTW. Resources>Directories>Textbooks


Best Flash Animation

A collection of links to tutorials and high-quality rich media interface designs.

Best Flash Animation. Resources>Directories>Multimedia>Flash


Beyond Bookmarks: Schemes for Organizing the Web

A clearinghouse of web sites that have applied or adopted standard classification schemes or controlled vocabularies to organize or provide enhanced access to Internet resources.

McKiernan, Gerry. Iowa State University (2003). Resources>Directories>Information Design>Controlled Vocabulary


Business Writer's Free Library

This library is a free community resource to be shared and contributed to by users and readers across the world. The overall goal of the library is to provide leaders and managers (especially those with very limited resources) basic and practical information about business, management and organizations. Items in the library are relevant to both for-profit and nonprofit organizations unless otherwise marked at the top of the Web page containing the item.

McNamara, Carter. Management Assistance Program for Nonprofits (2002). Resources>Directories>Writing>Business Communication


CM Professionals Resource Library

The Resource Library aims to provide a single comprehensive collection of content management related information.

Content Management Professionals. Resources>Directories>Content Management


CMS Faceted Product Directory

A state-of-the-art knowledge base with a user-controlled faceted classification scheme. Most web directories (DMOZ ODP, Google, Yahoo) hard wire their category hierarchy. Here you can select the facet you want at the top of the hierarchy, then another facet for the next layer in the hierarchy, etc. A do-it-yourself taxonomy of content management systems.

Doyle, Bob. CMS Review (2003). Resources>Directories>Content Management



El portal de referencia en español sobre el Enterprise Content Management y el Business Intelligence.

CMS-Spain. (Spanish) Resources>Directories>Content Management


Companies Using DITA

Here is my informal list of firms that are using DITA XML in some form in their documentation efforts. The table is dynamic, so you can search for a particular company by name, industry segment, look up the descriptive Wikipedia link for that organization if it exists, or track down the location of DITA-using firms close to where you live.

Schengili-Roberts, Keith. DITAWriter (2014). Resources>Directories>XML>DITA


Computer to Plate Resources

A collection of dozens of links to computer-to-plate digital prepress resources online.

IPA. Resources>Directories>Prepress>Printing


Computer-Mediated Communication Platforms

Overview and reviews of resources, software, training environments, collaboration/conferencing software, and tools.

Montecino, Virginia. George Mason University (2003). Resources>Directories>Collaboration>Online


Comunicação Técnica Profissional

A collection of Portuguese technical and professional writing resources.

Universidade de Coimbra. (Portuguese) Resources>Directories>TC


Comunicação Técnica Profissional e Sociedade Profissão e Ética

Esta página foi elaborada no âmbito da avaliação para as disciplinas de CTP/SPE, Comunicação Técnica Profissional e Sociedade Profissão e Ética. Aqui poderá encontrar informações pessoais acerca de mim, bem como o meu curriculum vitae, downloads dos trabalhos por mim efectuados no âmbito das disciplinas e ligações tanto referentes a CTP/SPE como relativas à informática.

Ferreira, Elio. Universidade de Coimbra. (Portuguese) Resources>Directories>TC>Portugal


Content Management

Not Document Management, which is a related function often accompanying CM but not necessarily a part of it. Document Management, the storage and retrieval of documents, is a category on this page as a matter of convenience. Content Management is the aggregating, managing, and disseminating of 'Content.' Publishing, replicating, and sharing content in different formats, managing workflow, authorizations and defining content elements.

Andilinks. Resources>Directories>Content Management


CSCW Related Pages

A 'webliography' of links to resources in computer supported collaborative work.

CSCW. Resources>Directories>Collaboration


de Lijst: Informatie Architectuur

de Lijst richt zich op het structureren van informatie en het vastleggen van kennis. de Lijst is in 1999 begonnen als een project van een student Informatiedienstverlening en -management (IDM) aan de Haagse Hogeschool.

de Lijst. (Dutch) Resources>Directories>Information Design


Design and Desktop Publishing

The sites linked from this directory provide resources relating to design and desktop publishing.

Technical Communicators Resource Site. Resources>Directories>Documentation


Desktop Publishing

A directory of websites about desktop publishing, fonts, services and software.

Google. Resources>Directories>Document Design


Digital Asset Management Resources

A collection of dozens of digital asset management resources available online.

IPA. Resources>Directories>Content Management



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