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An Annotated List of Interaction/Web Design Resources, Books and Websites

This list provides resources about web design, usability, and related topics.

Berkun, Scott. UIWeb (2001). Resources>Bibliographies>User Interface>Usability


Graphical Interfaces To Support Information Search: An Annotated Bibliography

This bibliography is organized to provide a structured introduction to graphical interfaces to information systems. Overview articles and 'classic' systems provide background on past work in this field. Systems with Demo Potential can be accessed via the Internet for additional study. Other systems of interest are included, with the more developed or unique systems listed first, and divided between 2D and 3D visualizations. Articles about user-testing or evaluating graphical interfaces are included, as are references to other existing bibliographies on this topic. Where possible, annotations include links to articles in addition to citations, the authors' abstracts and additional comments. Identifying screenshots of systems are included when available.

Staley, Elizabeth. University of Illinois (2000). Resources>Bibliographies>User Interface>Search


User Interface Design Bibliography

Chauncey Wilson of BMC Software, Inc. has compiled this excellent list of resources. We are grateful to him for allowing us to post it here. To contact Chauncey directly, send e-mail to chaunsee@aol.com. This bibliography was last updated in December 1998.

Wilson, Chauncey E. User Interface Engineering (1998). Resources>Bibliographies>User Interface

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