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Challenges and Solutions for Program Administrators

A discussion of challenges and solutions for hiring professional and technical communication specialists at teaching-focused universities.

Adkins, Kaye, Molly Johnson and Bruce Maylath. CPTSC (2005). Presentations>Education>Recruiting>Interviewing


Considerations for Hiring Technical Writers

If you have a group of stressed out and overworked technical writers and need to add to your staff, hiring the right technical writer can be a challenge. The author provides some tips on the hiring and interview process and what you might look for in exceptional technical writing candidates that will best fill the needs of your group of technical writers.

Rastocny, Philip. Writing Assistance (2008). Careers>Interviewing>Recruiting>Technical Writing


Improve Your Odds when Hiring for UX

We’ve all seen the flurry over the past several years of both agencies and corporate entities investing in hiring UX talent. (To spare definitions, I’ll let “UX” equate to anything from information architect to researcher to interface designer … it’s just easier that way.) This has created a whirlwind of opportunity for creating better products, services, and experiences, but has also presented a steep challenge in finding and attracting the best UX talent. Having been a hiring manager for UX, I’ve seen how it currently works.

Zapar, Greg. UX Magazine (2013). Careers>Management>Recruiting>User Experience


Recruiting Strategies That Get Results   (PDF)

Offers five suggestions for recruiting strong job candidates in a tight labor market.

Tucker, Robert B. Intercom (2001). Careers>Management>Recruiting


The Selecting the Right Technical Author to Recruit for Your Organisation

Advice on selecting the right Technical Author to recruit for your organisation.

Pratt, Ellis. Cherryleaf (2011). Articles>Careers>Recruiting>Assessment


Solving the Key Employment and Hiring Problems in the UX Field

As we’ve discussed in recent articles, job titles for UX professionals—interaction designer, information architect, usability expert, user researcher, content strategist, etc.—lack universally consistent meanings. The same is true within and across companies, where one agency’s “UI designer” is another’s “visual interaction designer.” When companies want to grow or build their UX teams, there’s not always a clear picture of who will fit their requirements. This is an even bigger problem for non-tech companies building UX departments from scratch for the first time.

UX Magazine (2013). Careers>Management>Recruiting>User Experience


Successful Hiring Using Role Profiles   (PDF)

Explains how role profiles—descriptions of the roles new hires are expected to fill within an organization—can help managers make informed hiring decisions.

Mason, Catheryn L. Intercom (2003). Careers>Management>Recruiting


Using Questionnaires in One on One Requirements Gathering Process

Questionnaires are usually associated with getting information from large groups of distributed users. They work very well when other means of eliciting requirements are not very practical. However, of late, I have been using them a lot to gather requirements from individuals or small groups whom I am meeting in person or via telephone.

Seilevel (2010). Articles>Business Communication>Recruiting>Surveys

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