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Desktop Printing with QuarkXPress

Have you ever wondered why, no matter how much time you spend trying to find an option for it in QuarkXPress, you just cannot get that picture to print the way you want it? Be happy, or may be not, because it is not that you are overlooking the right options in the program. The option just does not exist in all versions of QuarkXPress prior to version 6.

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Placing PDFs in Quark

Some caveats when placing PDFs in Quark prior to distilling.

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QuarkXPress 6 Tips: Working with Layers

Learning to use layers in your page-layout program can greatly streamline design and production. See how to tap into the power and flexibility of layers in QuarkXPress 6.

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QuarkXPress Technical Manual Project

The following is a step-by step tutorial outlining how to make a technical manual suitable either for print or for screen display as an Adobe Acrobat PDF file.

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QuarkXpress Training Tutorials

QuarkXpress has become recognised as the world's best Page Layout program. From home users, putting together their club newsletter to multinational publishing giants producing newspapers, magazines and books, QuarkXpress is the standard. This tutorial is geared towards helping first time users become familiar with Quark XPress.

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QuarkXPress Tutorials and Training

Look for tips, tutorials product support, downloads, templates,and publications for QuarkXPress. Find formal and informal training classes and seminars both online and offline for this popular desktop publishing program.

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A Quarky New Approach?

Sorry, guys, but what you're describing is "single sourcing" and it's been around for a while. And I don't think redefining "dynamic publishing" is going to work, either, because that term already means something.

O'Keefe, Sarah S. Palimpsest (2008). Articles>Document Design>Single Sourcing>QuarkXPress


Reinventing Quark: Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

When creative professionals think of Quark, they tend to think only of QuarkXPress - or perhaps a negative technical-support experience. But Quark is more than a one-product company, one that has been trying to change for the better. Craig Cline provides an inside peek at Quark's new attitude.

Cline, Craig. Creative Pro (2004). Design>Document Design>Software>QuarkXPress


Save Time With Xpress Design: Style Sheets With QuarkXPress

Consistency is one of the principles that designer must follow. Style Sheets help the designer so he doesn't have to apply manaully the same type of formatting over and over again thrughout the document. Let me give you an example. You are designing a magazine promoting a certain item. You want to have all of your titles with a certain font, a certain size and a certain colour. You can record all of these information in a Style Sheet and then apply them to each title with a click. Now, let's say that you decide that the titles are two small and they all have to be made 4 points bigger. Well, you just go to your Style Sheet and modify the size of your font there and all of the parts of text with that Style Sheet will change in one go. This tutorial is for users of QuarkXPress 5 and 6. If you want to know how to create Style Sheets in QuarkXPress 4 follow the instructions for QuarkXPress version 5.

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