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Achieve It All!  (link broken)   (PowerPoint)

When the opportunity arose in 1990, I purchased a franchise from the Success Motivation Institute and presented literally hundreds of workshops on goal setting. I was overjoyed at the opportunity to finally achieve all my dreams through a business such as this. I learned about goal setting and Paul Meyer's Million Dollar Personal Success Plan. I loved the idea of teaching people how to help themselves become self-motivated and achieve their goals. But, there was a problem in my dream world. In order to run a business you must sell your products or services, and I simply hated being in sales! I just wouldn't get out and ask people to buy the goal setting plan. It wasn't that I didn't believe in it, because I do! When I finally started listening to myself as I taught others how to achieve happiness, I actually used goal setting to make the decision to give up that business and go back to technical writing.

Laurent, J. Suzanna. Prodigy (2002). Presentations>Slideshows>Technical Writing>Business Communication


“Anyone Can Write”: Changing Roles for Technical Communicators

This podcast is a recording of a presentation I gave to students at the Missouri State University technical writing conference on April 23, 2010. With this presentation, because the audience was students, I focused mainly on the changing roles technical communicators are playing. My basic premise is that many IT environments have an assumption that “anyone can write.” Because of this assumption, technical writers are changing their roles, becoming hybrids with additional skill sets, or moving beyond the basics of writing in order to provide both value and find fulfillment.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2010). Presentations>TC>Writing>Technical Writing


Becoming an API Writer: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Developers  (link broken)

If you know API writing, there is greater demand for your skills, that is, there are more jobs to which you can apply. At the same time, there is a shortage of API writers. API writers tend to work more closely with development, instead of through product management or product definition or through specs. You are closer to those who design the product, privy to design decisions -- closer to the action.

Wroblewski, Daniel. STC Proceedings (2008). Presentations>Documentation>Writing>Technical Writing


Creating Quality Content with Open Source Tools   (PDF)

The detailed notes for the presentation on creating quality content with Open Source tools that was given at DocTrain East 2008 (Oct. 31, 2008).

Nesbitt, Scott. DMN Communications (2008). Presentations>Technology>Open Source>Technical Writing


Debunking the Boredom Myth of Technical Writing

Several weeks ago I wrote about my trip to Brigham Young University-Idaho and the presentation I gave there titled “Debunking the Boredom Myth of Technical Writing.” This podcast is a recording of my presentation.

Johnson, Tom H. Tech Writer Voices (2008). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing>Podcasts


EMPI Digital Library National Convention - 2007   (link broken)

Established in 2005, KnowGenesis Online Library for Technical Communication (www.knowgenesis.org/tc) is India's first online repository dedicated to accelerate knowledge sharing and promote self-learning in the field of technical communication. The library is available free of cost and require one time free registration to access the available material. The popularity and success rate of the library can be determined by the fact that within a year of its launch, it not only attracted more than 24000 visitors and gained more than 1500 subscribers, but also increased the volume of the hosted content from few documents to more than 2000 important documents, presentations, tutorials and links. KnowGenesis library presents a unique case for repository designers to study the complex design and implementation process that contributed to the stability and overall success rate of the online library. This paper not only shares the designing and implementation challenges faced by the knowgenesis team, but also presents the approach used to match the user requirements with the library design. Based on the lessons learned during the process, the paper also presents specific set of guidelines and recommends methodologies that can provide critical assistance for developing and managing medium and large scale repositories

Kudesia, Saurabh. International Journal for Technical Communication (2007). Presentations>Information Design>Knowledge Management>Technical Writing


From Email to the Web: Teaching an ESL Technical Writing Class   (PDF)

This paper discusses the author’s experience of teaching an English as a Second Language (ESL) technical writing class. The class consisted of students from several European and Asian countries who work for the same company as the author. The class began as an email “correspondence” class, but the author developed a web page which served as a “home” for the class to meet. As with most good classes, the teacher ended up learning as much or more than the students. This paper shares some of what the author learned from teaching.

Crawley, Charles R. STC Proceedings (2001). Presentations>Education>Online>Technical Writing


Full-Employment Legislation for Technical Writers   (PDF)

Most of us view government regulations negatively. Yet they provide a multitude of opportunities for technical writers. What are these opportunities? Where are they? How can you take advantage of them? A chance opportunity knocked on the author's door. Her experience can guide you to find and knock on opportunity's door.

Dean, Carolyn. STC Proceedings (1993). Presentations>TC>Legislation>Technical Writing


How to Write a Technical Report

This presentation describes the standard structure of a lab report and provides a methodology for successfully producing such a report. It includes a description of the generic structure of a report and variations on this theme.

Jobling, C.P. SlideShare (2007). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing>Reports


Know What You Don't Know: Gathering Information for a Technical Writing Project

While gathering information for a documentation project, what challenges do we have to overcome? A presentation of data based on responses to an online survey.

Dhanagopal, Kumar. Google Docs (2012). Presentations>Documentation>Technical Writing


Making Logical Technical Arguments

This PowerPoint file of 25 slides presents a thorough overview of the essentials of technical argument.

conneXions (2008). Articles>Presentations>Rhetoric>Technical Writing


Open Source For Technical Writing Teams

A presentation introducting how to support technical documentation teams with open-source tools.

SlideShare (2007). Presentations>Collaboration>Technical Writing>Open Source


A Process Model For Creating Accessible End-User Documents   (PDF)

Electronic information products can be made accessible to blind and low-vision individuals. This is easier to accomplish with thorough planning and execution. This paper describes a five-step model for creating accessible documentation. The steps are (1) Preparing a source file (2) Producing accessible output, (3) Testing output for accessibility, (4) Modifying a source file if needed, and (5) Modifying a production process if absolutely necessary.

Herring, Richard D. STC Proceedings (2005). Presentations>Documentation>Writing>Technical Writing


Scope of Medical Writing   (PDF)

Medical writing requires a combination of technical skills in medical sciences and rhetorical skills in language arts.

Early, Debbie. AMWA (2005). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing>Biomedical


Review: A Tech Writer Crosses Over to Marketing and Becomes a   (link broken)   (Word)

Have you ever considered taking on marketing duties at your present job, or even transitioning to a new career as a 'marketeer'? Wistfully, you dream of sipping martinis with your attractive new coworkers under the department’s neon sign, 'Marketing—Two Drink Minimum,' before heading home empty-handed at 5 p.m. Oh, wait a minute—that was a Dilbert cartoon.

Janczy, Amy. STC Four Lakes (2002). Resources>Reviews>Presentations>Technical Writing


Technical Communication Careers: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche

Tomorrow I’m driving up to BYU Idaho to give a presentation titled “Technical Communication Careers: Getting Started and Finding Your Niche.” Below are the “slides” for my presentation.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2010). Presentations>TC>Technical Writing


Technical Writer - Exploding the Myths

Technical Writing explained using photographs of actual technical writers.

SlideShare (2007). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing


Technical Writing

Plan; know your purpose, audience and scope; leave enough time to write and edit several drafts; don't bore the reader.

Kirk, Elizabeth J. and Mary Wiberg. AAAS. Presentations>Scientific Communication>Writing>Technical Writing


Technical Writing: An Overview   (PDF)

A PDF document intended as a resource for teachers. The overview handout defines technical writing, lists examples, states rationale for teaching technical writing, reviews principles for writing instruction, explains basic technical writing concepts to be taught to students, and outlines methods for evaluating technical writing.

Zuidema, Leah A. Michigan State University (2003). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing


UNIX Man Pages  (link broken)   (PowerPoint)

Experienced programmers find the man pages very useful but a naive user often finds them overwhelming.

Gururaj, B.S. STC India (2003). Presentations>Documentation>Technical Writing>UNIX


What Do Technical Writers Do?   (PDF)

Information session, suitable for general audience. (40 slides)

Walsh, Tina K. Read Pen Inc. (2004). Presentations>TC>Writing>Technical Writing


Writing as a Materials Engineer   (PowerPoint)

How to get lab discoveries and results into a written document.

Hart, Hillary. University of Texas (2008). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing>Engineering


Writing the Future: Blending Skills and Technology to Establish the Role of the Technical Writer   (PDF)

The rapid growth in demand for technical communicators is mirrored and driven by the continuing evolution of emerging technologies. Businesses striving to use technology to effectively position themselves must understand the role that the technical communicator plays in this evolution. As we continue to acquire a toolbox of skills, we enhance our proficiency as Renaissance communicators and propel our roles into the realm of knowledge management.

Wethington, Dirk, Don Edwards and Chris Stoops. STC Proceedings (2000). Presentations>Writing>Technical Writing

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