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The Design Difference: A Survey of Design and Innovation Amongst Ireland’s SMEs   (PDF)

Irish companies that use design are more successful than those that do not. Why are companies that use design more successful than those that do not? We don’t fully know why – yet – but the research tells us that companies using design are less risk averse and more likely to be developing new products and services. It also tells us they’re less likely to be competing on the basis of price. It suggests that they’re growing and succeeding because they’re innovating and moving. They’re not waiting on the challenges of the global economy, they’re using design to meet them head on.

Center for Design Innovation (2007). Presentations>User Experience>SMEs>Ireland


Holistic Customer Experience

With products and services quickly becoming commoditized, price differentiation is no longer a sustainable model. Customers are demanding more from businesses. Businesses that have increased their investment in the customer experience over the past three years report higher customer referral rates and greater customer satisfaction. Customers turn into advocates. Customer experience is the sum of all experiences a customer has with a supplier of goods or services, over the duration of their relationship with that supplier.

Finck, Nick. NickFinck.com (2009). Presentations>User Experience>User Centered Design


Seven Ways to Motivate the Audience

This handout provides examples of seven strategies commonly used to engage an audience's attention at the beginning of an oral presentation.

conneXions (2008). Articles>Presentations>Rhetoric>User Experience


The Web Now: Social   (PDF)

A presentation about online community and experience design in modern web design.

Wroblewski, Luke. LukeW Interface Designs (2005). Presentations>Web Design>User Experience

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