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Canon Elura 50

Information about how to use the Canon Elura 50 camcorders for technical communication multimedia.

Arnold, Jenni and Christina Kitson. Studio for New Media (2004). Presentations>Multimedia>Documentation>Video


ChromaKey Video Effects

Introduces producing video special effects, using ChromaKey technologies and Apple's Final Cut Pro.

Stanerson, Nick and Nick Boesel. Studio for New Media (2004). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Final Cut Pro


Final Cut Professional

An introduction to using Final Cut Professional 4.0 for multimedia video production.

Eisenbraun, Michael and Amanda Metz Bemer. Studio for New Media (2004). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Final Cut Pro


From Project Manager To Producer: A Guide to Creating Multimedia Deliverables   (PDF)

As technical communicators tackle multimedia projects, they realize the importance of using a process that can handle the dynamics of multimedia. This paper presents a multimedia development process that was developed and implemented by a team of technical communicators at IBM. It incorporates the basic elements of a standard information development process, and helps guide a team through elements introduced by new media, such as video production and deliverable distribution.

Anderson, Amy. STC Proceedings (1995). Presentations>Multimedia>Video


Giving Your Screencast

Covers how to begin and conclude your cast and a bit about postprocessing. Then we cover your behavior during your talk and how to get your screencast distributed to others.

Rush, Jeff. ShowMeDo (2009). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Screencasting


Have Demo, Will Travel: Presenting Demos Outside the Studio

When I was asked to write about the process in which I show demos of my company’s work, I initially thought of what I used several years ago to show clients my samples—a time when DVDs didn't even exist and my home office setup was not such that I could do demos effectively there. Those were days when I had to travel to a meeting with a VCR deck, a tube-style TV, a bunch of cables, a cart to carry everything on, and, of course, VHS tapes, all properly rewound to the correct starting points.

Levy, Marshall. Event DV (2008). Articles>Presentations>Multimedia>Video


Move Over Text: Video Documentation Meets DITA

In the US today, there are 82.5 Million Content Creators 13.9% create content in virtual worlds 18.1% create video content 23.9% create blog content 79.7% create content on a social network. All we need is a standard that will support the topic- based nature of “how to” video content XML, and by extension, DITA, seemed to be a perfect fit.

Abel, Scott and Sean Healy. SlideShare (2009). Presentations>Documentation>Multimedia>Video


Podcasting and Vidcasting: The Future of Tech Comm

Advancing technology allows us to use the new technologies of podcasts (audio recordings delivered as .mp3 files) and vidcasts, or more properly, broadcast video to convey technical information. Effective audience analysis will determine whether multimedia is right for our users. We use the same correct rhetorical principles to communicate information aurally and visually as we do when creating text.

Agnew, Beth. Seneca College (2006). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Podcasting


Preparing for Screencasting

Advice on how to get started giving screencasts, why you might want to do it and how to establish your recording studio. Then we move into planning the capture of your screencast and a few tips on using some presentation tools.

Rush, Jeff. ShowMeDo (2009). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Screencasting


Screencasting for Dummies (and Smarties)

With so much training being done on computers (along with other tasks being done while training is taking place on that same computer), it’s important to know some best practices for developing training and other modules with screencasts. Amy Tehan demonstrates tips and tricks for making an effective screencast that will hold the viewer’s attention and get the message across.

Tehan, Amy. EServer (2009). Presentations>Multimedia>Video>Screencasting


Tips and Tricks for Including AVI (Video) Demos in Your Online Tutorial   (PDF)

This presentation focuses on creating video demonstrations of software for online tutorials, using AVI files, and Inserting these files into Windows Help or HTML.

Rosenberg, Nad. STC Orange County (1998). Presentations>Documentation>Multimedia>Video

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