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Are You Ready For Conversion (to DITA)?

Learn from Dr. JoAnn Hackos, President of Comtech Services, Inc. and Director of the Center for Information-Development Management (CIDM), how to evaluate your legacy content and assess how close you are to the DITA standard. Understand the decision-making process you need to follow to prepare for the conversion process. Consider if your team should first restructure your content in your current tool environment or wait to restructure and rewrite following conversion.

Hackos, JoAnn T. YouTube (2011). Presentations>Information Design>XML>DITA


Concept, Task, Reference: A Practical Guide to Choosing the Right Topic Type

This presentation is for beginning to intermediate users of DITA. It's based on my experience with projects on which I'm project manager, information architect, and writer.

Kunz, Lawrence D. SDI Global Solutions (2009). Presentations>Information Design>XML>DITA


Developing DITA Maps   (PDF)

DITA maps provide a mechanism for ordering topics and creating a topic hierarchy. Because DITA maps consist of lists of references to topics, you can reorganize the content in a deliverable simply by changing the order of the topic references. You can create different maps referencing the same source topics to create two deliverables to meet different users' needs.

Linton, Jennifer. ComTech Services (2006). Presentations>Information Design>XML>DITA


Moving Forward with DITA 1.2 and the DITA-OT

DITA enters a new phase this year with version 1.2. We'll learn about the big new features, such as keyref, and see them used in the latest DITA Open Toolkit. Attendees will know how to make use of new DITA 1.2 features using the DITA Open Toolkit. Attendees will understand key aspects of the new DITA 1.2 standard.

Anderson, Robert. STC Proceedings (2009). Presentations>Information Design>XML>DITA


XMetaL and DITA in the Marketing Department: Tastes Great, Less Filling

FO sprites are your friend. XSL:FO does not support background images on the page level. use CSS sprites technique on page regions.

Johnson, Chris. Slideshare (2010). Presentations>Information Design>XML>DITA

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