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Find It Quickly: Creating Effective Indexes   (PDF)

Although an index is one of the most important sections of a document, it's also one of the most misunderstood. Many people don kknow what an index is or mistake itfor the table of contents. For those casons, companies often don ‘tinclude indexes in their documentation. Will-written indexes increase productivity by helping employees$nd information faster This workshop provides the basic techniques of cteating an index your audience can use to find the information they need. lbu ’11have time to prepatv an index fmm a section of a document cun-ently in use by a major corporation.

Landes, Cheryl A. STC Proceedings (1997). Presentations>Indexing>Writing


Indexing Without Page Numbers   (PDF)

The page number provides an intuitive context. Embedded indexing tools suffer because this context is transparent to authors. Further challenges arise from the low design priority awarded to embedding indexing tools of several applications. Hypertext-based indexing, such as on the World Wide Web, is an extreme case with difficulties ranging from a huge scope with negligible natural content, to a programming language that provides no straightforward technique for indentation.

Maislin, Seth A. STC Proceedings (1999). Presentations>Indexing


New Directions in Technical Indexing   (PDF)

The age-old art of indexing will continue to be essential for the quick and accurate retrieval of information, no matter what the medium might be. Advances in technology will not replace the need for well-prepared indexes, only how indexes are presented. Information on indexing for newer forms of communication is scattered and not fully developed. This session will bring together what is known to give attendees a better understanding of the trends, issues, concerns, and requirements that are involved in “newage” indexing.

Mauer, Peg, Darci Balius, Jerry Bidondo and Ellen Fenwick. STC Proceedings (1999). Presentations>Indexing

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