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Creating A Paradigm Shift In Managers And Professionals Who Use Standards   (PDF)

Organizational standards are often just a set of documents put into place for auditors or regulatory bodies. In such instances, the standards usually do not reflect current practices, which are passed along by word-of-mouth. Unfortunately, even if the information is up-to-date, it may not be easily retrievable by the person in immediate need of it. In a hospital setting, this situation can be extremely costly. It can also provide immense opportunities for the technical communicator to become a vital part of a cross-functional team.

Richardson, Verna. STC Proceedings (1994). Presentations>Writing>Policies and Procedures


Creating Accessible Sites in Flash

With the features incorporated into Flash CS4, designers may create fully-accessible online multimedia. This presentation introduces how.

Adobe (2010). Presentations>Multimedia>Accessibility>Flash


Creating Adobe AIR Help Applications with Adobe RoboHelp

A tour of the user-facing features in the Adobe AIR viewer, and a demonstration of how the author creates an .air file in Adobe RoboHelp 8.

Adobe (2010). Presentations>Documentation>Software>RoboHelp


Creating an Indoor Banner

This video will cover professional banner design and layout and choosing the right material for the job.

Hewlett-Packard. Presentations>Document Design>Streaming>Video


Creating an Indoor Print on Rigid Substrate

Covers scanning a photograph, laying out the graphic, printing, mounting, and then a review of components.

Hewlett-Packard. Presentations>Document Design>Streaming>Video


Creating an Outdoor, Durable Event Banner

Takes you through each step needed to create a durable outdoor banner.

Hewlett-Packard. Presentations>Document Design>Marketing


Creating and Using Interactive Lectures

Interactive lectures include lecture material interspersed with short activities that call upon students to review or develop their knowledge of the lecture topic. This module describes some of the benefits of using interactive lectures. Descriptions and examples of selected interactive lecture strategies are also given.

conneXions (2008). Articles>Presentations>Instructional Design>Education


Creating Animated Graphics for the Web on a Tight Budget   (PDF)

Creating your own animated graphics is not as far out of reach as you may think. Even though many Web information developers lack the skills to venture into animation, in a relatively short amount of time they can learn how. We will demonstrate a few of the actual animations that we’ve created in-house, and also share what was involved in our decision-making: who should do the work, the costs involved, and the software issues we encountered.

Hamilton, Karen J. and Gary Basham. STC Proceedings (1998). Presentations>Multimedia>Interactive


Creating Award-Winning Computer Servicing Documentation   (PDF)

Creating award-winning computer servicing documentation involves knowing something about customer service engineers, what content to provide, what kinds of art work best in different contexts, and differences in producing hard copy vs. online documentation. If you want to move from writing software or marketing documentation, find a good mentor to help you gain experience with these elements.

Nelson, Dennis T. and Donald C. Phippen. STC Proceedings (1999). Presentations>Documentation


Creating Documentation With A Wiki: The DITA Storm Project

DITA is natural. Do XML/DITA conversion research now. Wiki is especially good for iterative writing. Structured wiki authoring in coming.

Abel, Scott. SlideShare (2007). Presentations>Documentation>Wikis>DITA


Creating Effective Poster Presentations: An Effective Poster

An effective poster is not just a standard research paper stuck to a board. A poster uses a different, visual grammar. It shows, not tells.

Hess, George, Kathryn Tosney and Leon Liegel. North Carolina State University (2006). Design>Presentations>Posters>Visual Rhetoric


Creating Effective Presentation Slides

The key methods you can employ to create effective presentation slides.

Doumont, Jean-luc. IEEE PCS (2008). Design>Presentations>Usability>Podcasts


Creating ERP Documentation for End Users   (PDF)

How do you create ERP documentation for your end users? One key is to map the five phases of the ERP documentation creation process to the phases of an ERP system implementation. Phase 1 is primarily for analysis, phase 2 is for the design process, and phase 3 consists of the actual building of the documentation. During phase 4, you should finalize all building and testing of the system. During phase 5, you should research end user trouble spots and continually improve the documentation in those areas.

Canobbio, Donna K., Jennifer A. Durbin and Lori K. Spahr. STC Proceedings (2000). Presentations>Documentation


Creating Help in the Web 2.0 Age

This is a presentation titled 'Creating Help in the Web 2.0 Age' that Neil Perlin gave to the Suncoast Chapter in Tampa, Florida in February 2007. Neil talks about what Web 2.0 is, and how help can be delivered on the fly according to specific user requests.

Perlin, Neil E. Tech Writer Voices (2007). Presentations>Documentation>Help>Podcasts


Creating Marketing Slides for Engineering Presentations   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

Defines basic sales terms. Explores ways to use text and illustrations to create engineering marketing slides. Examines six methods of strengthening the persuasiveness of engineering marketing slides.

Jennings, Ann S. Technical Communication Online (2009). Articles>Presentations>Marketing>Engineering


Creating Online Help in a Multiplatform Environment   (PDF)

With the explosion of online help authoring tools (primarily in the Windows® environment) companies are clamoring for the ability to produce online help on multiple platforms. This demonstration presents one solution to the problem of creating online help in a multiplatform environment. We will demonstrate the process of translating FrameMaker™ files from the Macintosh® to Windows NT®, and ultimately, to UNIX®.

Shelton, Jan D., Anne Navarro and Robbie Fontenot. STC Proceedings (1996). Presentations>Documentation>Help>Adobe FrameMaker


Creating Presentations with OperaShow

An article discussing how to use the Opera Web browser as a presentation tool.

Nesbitt, Scott. InformIT (2004). Articles>Presentations>Software


Creating Quality Content with Open Source Tools   (PDF)

The detailed notes for the presentation on creating quality content with Open Source tools that was given at DocTrain East 2008 (Oct. 31, 2008).

Nesbitt, Scott. DMN Communications (2008). Presentations>Technology>Open Source>Technical Writing


Creating Single Source Documents with FrameMaker   (PDF)

A discussion of how to think about FrameMaker templates for single source documents.

Knopf, David A. Knopf Online (2001). Presentations>Content Management>Single Sourcing>Adobe FrameMaker


Creatively Speaking: Some Strategies for the Preparation and Delivery of Oral Presentations   (PDF)

Public speaking is an intrinsic part of our job, whether we are faculty and instructors lecturing on complex materials, graduate students preparing for a job talk, or students making a class presentation. As anyone who has experienced stage fright knows, presenting in public can be draining and challenging, but it needn’t be. If your listeners catch on and engage with you, sharing your ideas in a public forum can be exhilarating in its power to stimulate interest and foster connection.

Speaking of Teaching (2010). Articles>Presentations


Review: Critique of Your PowerPoint Presentation Titled "Sales Forecast, Third Quarter."

The subtle downplaying of expectations only heightened the shock and amazement this tour de force eventually triggered in the minds of everyone lucky enough to view the production.

Brown, Ross. McSweeney's Internet Tendency (2009). Humor>Reviews>Presentations>Microsoft PowerPoint


Critique: Ape Scapula

I stumbled upon this poster while reading the blog Anna’s Bones. She described as being finished “just in the nick of time.” A few more hours, and a stronger editorial hand, probably would have been welcomed.

Better Posters (2009). Design>Presentations>Assessment>Posters


Cultural Differences in the Appreciation of Introductions of Presentations   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

On the basis of both established theories of the differences between cultures and recommendations in advice literature from different cultures, we believe that it is likely that cultures will differ in what they consider to be an effective introduction to a presentation. In this article, we report on an exploratory experimental study with 300 respondents in the Netherlands, France, and Senegal regarding their appreciation of and response to three introductions to a presentation about a mobile phone. The results show that the cultures differ with respect to the introduction they prefer. The Dutch respondents appreciated the overview most, while the French respondents preferred the ethical appeal, and research participants from Senegal preferred the anecdote. It is likely that the introduction that gains greatest attention and that best increases the ability to listen in a culture will be most appreciated in that culture.

Gerritsen, Marinel and Evelyn Wannet. Technical Communication Online (2005). Articles>Presentations>Cultural Theory>Rhetoric


#cw09 and When I Saw the Point/Power/Danger of Twitter

While I was sitting there during this presentation being frustrated and not that impressed, I logged into #cw09 on Twitter and was able to see that there was a whole back-channel discussion going on about the presentation, and I was not alone in my frustration. If you were there and you were following #cw09 on Twitter, a whole new dimension to that talk opened up– not the one Ganley intended for sure, but a new dimension of resistance and reaction and occasional snarkiness nonetheless.

Krause, Steven D. StevenDKrause.com (2009). Articles>Presentations>Social Networking>Ethics



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