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The Art of the Podcast   (link broken)

A PowerPoint of a presentation about podcasting, and the things to consider when planning to produce an audio podcast.

Johnson, Tom H. STC Proceedings (2008). Presentations>Web Design>Posters>Podcasting


Computing Is About People, Not Machines  (link broken)

An IBM Ease of Use poster with the message Computing is about People, Not Machines.

IBM (1999). Design>Presentations>Posters>Usability


Creating Effective Poster Presentations: An Effective Poster

An effective poster is not just a standard research paper stuck to a board. A poster uses a different, visual grammar. It shows, not tells.

Hess, George, Kathryn Tosney and Leon Liegel. North Carolina State University (2006). Design>Presentations>Posters>Visual Rhetoric


Critique: Ape Scapula

I stumbled upon this poster while reading the blog Anna’s Bones. She described as being finished “just in the nick of time.” A few more hours, and a stronger editorial hand, probably would have been welcomed.

Better Posters (2009). Design>Presentations>Assessment>Posters


Designing conference posters

A scientific poster is a large document that can communicate your research at a scientific meeting, and is composed of a short title, an introduction to your burning question, an overview of your trendy experimental approach, your amazing results, some insightful discussion of aforementioned results, a listing of previously published articles that are important to your research, and some brief acknowledgement of the tremendous assistance and financial support conned from others. If all text is kept to a minimum, a person could fully read your poster in under 10 minutes.

Purrington, Colin. Colin Purrington (2012). Design>Presentations>Posters>Scientific Communication


Focus on Simplicity  (link broken)

An IBM Ease of Use poster with the message 'Focus on Simplicity.'

IBM (1999). Design>Presentations>Posters>Minimalism


Following the Rules

Laying out your poster on a grid establishes limitations for your poster. Choosing a font establishes limitations for your poster. Being conservative in your design choices establishes limitations. Working within limits requires discipline. Setting yourself limitations does not necessarily limit creativity; it can do just the opposite.

Better Posters (2009). Design>Presentations>Document Design>Posters


How to Create a Poster that Graphically Communicates Your Message  (link broken)

Molts de les seves presentacions no es parla, sinó que són cartells. Són els seus cartells eficaç? És el que atrauen un públic entusiasta? O que només atrau competidors? Aquesta presentació mostra els exemples positius i negatius que l'ajudaran a augmentar la seva claredat i impacte.

Tosney, Kathryn. University of Miami. Design>Presentations>Posters


Insights on the Poster Preparation and Presentation Process   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

Dissemination of research findings and effective clinical innovations is key to the growth and development of the nursing profession. Several avenues exist for the dissemination of information. One forum for communication that has gained increased recognition over the past decade is the poster presentation. Poster presentations are often a significant part of regional, national, and international nursing conferences. Although posters are frequently used to disseminate information to the nursing community, little is reported about actual poster presenters' experiences with preparation and presentation of their posters. The purpose of this article is to present insights derived from information shared by poster presenters regarding the poster preparation and presentation process. Such insights derived from the personal experiences of poster presenters may assist others to efficiently and effectively prepare and present scholarly posters that disseminate information to the nursing community.

Weaver Moore, Linda, Phyllis Augspurger, Margaret O'Brien King and Charlotte Proffitt. Applied Nursing Research (2001). Design>Presentations>Posters>Scientific Communication


Keep It Simple  (link broken)

An IBM Ease of Use poster with the message Keep it Simple.

IBM (1999). Design>Presentations>Posters>Minimalism


No More Slidesters, Interlude: Making Presentations More Like Posters

Because many researchers use PowerPoint for their talks and lectures, they also tend to use it for every graphic problem, including posters. Predictably, the form of the resulting posters often look like nothing more than a series of ugly PowerPoint slides tacked together. A poster is more like a whiteboard than slides. But because many researchers give more presentations than posters, they’re not used to thinking in terms of a big space, viewed all at once, instead of a series of small spaces, viewed one at a time.

Better Posters (2009). Design>Presentations>Document Design>Posters


Poster Presentations

Poster sessions are frequently used as a means to convey information in a brief format (typically 4' x 8') in classrooms, conferences and symposia, and workshops. Designing effective poster presentations is an art unto itself. This guide provides resources to make the process easier.

Stoss, Fred. SUNY Buffalo. Design>Presentations>Posters


Process Maps   (PDF)

A poster-sized map showing the steps and deliverables through the UI/IA/UX project lifecycle. Maps various activities and deliverables against project roles and indicates major milestones. Excellent resource for educating clients (internal and external) about 'the process' and what to expect at each phase of the cycle. Two different 'takes' on the process are available for downloading.

Malone, Erin. AIfIA (2003). Design>Presentations>Posters>Workflow


Scientific Poster Design   (PDF)

A poster can be better than giving a talk. It’s just an illustrated abstract.

Graves, LiLynn. Cornell University (2009). Design>Presentations>Scientific Communication>Posters


Simple Good--Complex Bad  (link broken)

An IBM Ease of Use poster with the message Simple Good - Complex Bad.

IBM (1999). Design>Presentations>Posters>Minimalism


User Friendly, Friendly Users

An IBM Ease of Use poster with the message User Friendly, Friendly User.

IBM (1999). Design>Presentations>Posters>Usability


Users Love Simplicity  (link broken)

An IBM Ease of Use poster with the message Users Love Simplicity.

IBM (1999). Design>Presentations>Posters>Minimalism

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