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Podcasting is the publication of a series of digital media files, usually digital audio or video, that are made available for download via Web syndication. The syndication aspect of the delivery is what differentiates podcasts from other files accessible by direct download or streaming: it means that special software applications (such as iTunes or Winamp) can automatically identify and retrieve new files associated with the podcast when they are made available, and that these files can be stored locally on the user's computer or other device for offline use.



Animate to Explain - PowerPoint Motion Path and Keynote Actions

Animations are rarely used in presentations, possibly because using motion path effects on Microsoft PowerPoint or action builds on Apple Keynote is intimidating. Learn the basics of animations through an illustration of the BLK method.

Lebrun, Jean-Luc. Scivee (2009). Presentations>Software>Podcasting>Microsoft PowerPoint


Blogging, Podcasting, and Screencasting: Eight Characteristics to Attract Devoted Followers (Part I)

Devoted followers stay updated with each new post, podcast, or screencast, eagerly awaiting the next new one. They’re intimately familiar with your content and either comment regularly or regularly return to your site.

Johnson, Tom H. Tech Writer Voices (2009). Articles>Blogging>Podcasting>Screencasting


Blogging, Podcasting, and Screencasting: Eight Characteristics to Attract Devoted Followers (Part II)

Devoted followers stay updated with each new post, podcast, or screencast, eagerly awaiting the next new one. They’re intimately familiar with your content and either comment regularly or regularly return to your site.

Johnson, Tom H. Tech Writer Voices (2009). Articles>Publishing>Blogging>Podcasting


Blogs, Podcasts and All That Stuff

I think podcasting is powerful because it gives us the opportunity to reach people in ways we cannot with blogs and websites. Don't get me wrong, blogs and sites have their place. But let's face it, people have information overload! It's often a choice between reading your blog and the 15 other things they need to read. But with podcasts, people tell me that they listen via their iPods while in the gym. They burn them to CD and listen in their car during their commute. They listen on their computer with a headset or speakers.

Morley, Catherine. Creative Latitude (2005). Design>Web Design>Multimedia>Podcasting



The IABC Cafe2Go is the official monthly podcast of the International Association of Business Communicators. Hosted by IABC president Julie Freeman, ABC, APR and 2006-07 IABC chair Glenda Holmes, ABC, Cafe2Go features updates on the association's programs and initiatives as well as discussion of current issues and trends in communication.

IABC. Resources>Business Communication>Streaming>Podcasting


Can You Hear Me Now? I'm Podcasting

With a little bit of effort and a microphone, you can use podcasting to talk with millions of people. They key is creating something that is worth listening to.

Janisch, Troy. Icon Interactive (2005). Articles>Technology>Interactive>Podcasting


Creativeprose: Free Photography Podcasts

New photo-oriented podcasts pop up all the time, and you could listen to them all day every day and not get through everything. But this article points out a few of the better ones.

Stone, Terri. Creative Pro (2007). Design>Graphic Design>Photography>Podcasting


Developing a Personal Voice in Audio: Avoiding Plosives and Breathing Noises

Getting close to your microphone usually results in something called “the proximity effect.” As you get close, most microphones amplify your voice in a rich, deep way. The proximity effect can make you sound like a late-night DJ. Some microphones give you the best proximity effect when you’re practically kissing the mic. Unfortunately, as you get closer to a microphone, the microphone starts to pick up more sounds from your mouth.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2010). Articles>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


Developing a Personal Voice in Audio: Smiling While You Narrate

Voiceover professionals often recommend that you smile while you narrate. Smiling injects a touch of warmth and charisma in your voice. Just a few touches here and there can make the entire tone of your voice noticeably warmer.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2010). Articles>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


The Ears Have It (Notes)

Some people call it blogging out loud. Podcasting is a fairly easy and fairly inexpensive way of presenting your ideas and opinions. But podcasting is more than a platform for reviews or polemic. It's also a powerful tool within the enterprise for training, for marketing, and for documentation. Imagine being able to carry product information or supplementary material with you and not have to worry about stacks of paper? You can do that with a podcast.

Davis, Aaron and Scott Nesbitt. SlideShare (2008). Presentations>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


Employees Tune In to Web Radio

The recent buzz regarding corporate web logs (blogs) may have deflected attention from another effective, low-cost medium: corporate web radio. The following article offers a few tips and “lessons learned” for the corporate professional who would like to start web radio within his or her firm—or for the PR agency, another value-added service for your clients.

Loper, Larry. Communication World Bulletin (2005). Articles>Business Communication>Audio>Podcasting


Empowering Faculty to Broaden Learning Boundaries: Making the Technology Transparent

How we leveraged Apple's iTunes U program for a seamless capture of in-class enhanced podcasts, developed a one-click iTunes U course creation solution via Blackboard, and more. This presentation will focus on how to make the implementation of university-wide learning technologies transparent and nondisruptive to the teaching and learning process. Why? To assist faculty in expanding their teaching strategies for a more diverse student learning experience. We created a technological infrastructure that allows faculty, independent of their digital literacy skills, to make use of existing social and instructional technologies in and outside the classroom.

Baharu, Yordanos, Eric Alvarado and John Arpino. Educause (2009). Articles>Education>Case Studies>Podcasting


Examples of Companies Integrating Podcasts into their Mix of Technical Communication Deliverables?

Podcasts aren't very good at delivering step-by-step technical information. Concepts are where podcasts excel.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2007). Articles>Multimedia>Audio>Podcasting


Finding a Conversational Voice in Video Tutorials

A voice over is a voice narration from a performer whom you can’t see, who reads a script in an engaging way according to the context of the script. For example, many commercials employ voice overs from professionals. The difference between voice-over performers and announcers, Scott says, is that voice-over performers get outside of themselves, whereas announcers merely read a script.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2008). Articles>Documentation>Video>Podcasting


Harry Miller's Technical Writing Blog

Podcasts about documentation, technical writing, and technical editing.

Miller, Harry. Microsoft. Resources>Writing>Technical Writing>Podcasting


How to Podcast with Skype

So you want to be a podcast superstar? Well, while this article might not make you a superstar, the aim is to help you record quality audio using Skype. Skype recording can be a tricky, but the benefits far outweigh the time investment it takes to learn. We use it on the Web 2.0 Show podcast to capture our interview audio and it has allowed us to interview some very big names without being in our interviewee’s location. Or running up large phone bills. This article will cover both Mac and Windows based recording techniques, and we will post follow-up articles covering post-production of the audio and how to upload and track your podcast.

Owens, Josh. Vitamin (2008). Articles>Web Design>Streaming>Podcasting


How to Produce a Two-Person Video Blog Post

We've produced a handful of bloggingheads video posts the past few months, sometimes resulting in polite golf claps. Afterward, a common question has been: how do you do them? Here's a 9-step tutorial. On a Mac, the technology is pretty simple. If you're on a PC, sorry, we can't help.

McConnell, Ben. Church of the Customer (2009). Articles>Web Design>Video>Podcasting


Information Architecture for Audio: Doing It Right

Audio content is becoming increasingly prevalent. But do you know how to design it effectively? Jens Jacobsen combines information architecture, journalism, usability engineering and interface design to resolve some of the issues that arise from introducing audio.

Jacobsen, Jens. Boxes and Arrows (2008). Articles>Web Design>Audio>Podcasting


Infrastructure for Academic Podcasting

Podcasting involves three activities: capturing content, producing it, and distributing it. Tim Poe and Ben Rogers from the Office of Information Technology at Duke University's Multimedia group talk about the technology initiatives undertaken, and make their audience aware of the plethora of tools available to perform these activities easily.

Poe, Tim and Ben Rogers. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Streaming>Podcasting


Interview Techniques for Users

I had a great talk the other night with a classmate of mine from graduate school, who focused on usability and now works on a web application development team as their user experience designer. He’s Tim Keirnan, and I asked him to explain some of his interview techniques that he uses for his Design Critique podcast. I also got great snippets about his user interviews.

Gentle, Anne. Just Write Click (2010). Articles>User Centered Design>Podcasting>Interviewing


Interviewing Tips for Podcasters

Some advice from one podcaster to others on how to do interviews.

DMN Communications (2008). Articles>Interviewing>Audio>Podcasting


Is Your Web Site Old and Out of Touch?

A great many changes are taking place online right now. This is particularly true when you are trying to reach and sell to potential customers who are up-to-date with new technologies and ways of using the web. I'm thinking of the people who download podcasts to their iPods.

Usborne, Nick. Excess Voice (2006). Articles>Web Design>Writing>Podcasting


IText Reconfigured: The Rise of the Podcast   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

The podcast is a unique configuration of IText precisely because it foregrounds sound in the current cultural moment of secondary orality. This return to an oral—aural tradition offers several unique benefits. Podcasts adapt well to today’s unstructured work spaces. Moreover, podcasts blur boundaries between virtual and face-to-face communication and virtual and physical spaces. Finally, podcasts are fragmented, reflecting the fluidity of previous ITexts; yet, unlike ITexts, podcasts mostly exist as complete, scripted texts. This article raises questions concerning what the podcast contributes to overall knowledge of how texts are mediated through evolving information technologies.

Tulley, Christine. Journal of Business and Technical Communication (2011). Articles>Multimedia>Podcasting>Theory


Killer Interviewing Tactics: Get The Most from Your Guests

Covers the basics of good interviewing technique: making sure the show is not about you but about your guest; listening to the answers you get; sticking to a script; and, above all, preparation, preparation, preparation.

Murphy, Gayl. Podcast Academy (2006). Articles>Interviewing>Audio>Podcasting


Learning-on-the-Go: Anytime, Anywhere Access to Course and Study Materials

The key objective of Duquesne University's "Learning-on-the-Go" program is to break down the barriers that make studying and attending class difficult for adult students. "Learning-on-the-Go" will accomplish this by providing convenient access to course materials, developing technologically-supported pedagogical tools to foster student learning, and creating a framework for faculty exchange of effective practices in mobile education.

Hodes, Benjamin. Sloan Consortium, The (2009). Articles>Education>Online>Podcasting



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