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The Abstract Trap: Why Abstracts Are Bad for Persuasive White Papers

Abstracts, also known as executive summaries, are bad. As a matter of fact, they are really bad, and I stand nearly alone in my opinion. Abstracts are those summaries that typically stand in front of the core content of a white paper. They tend to include the key points about the white paper.

Stelzner, Michael A. WhitePaperSource (2006). Articles>Writing>Rhetoric>White Papers


ATTW Calls for Papers Database   (members only)

This section of the ATTW site is available to all visitors. It allows you to post or view calls for journal articles, conference presentations, award nominations, etc.

ATTW. Academic>Calls For Papers


The Bleach Wars   (PDF)

Blank paper...could anything be more basic and uncontroversial? Who'd have thought those innocuous white sheets could cause such a ruckus? Learn what the fuss is about and why paper mills and environmentalists are lining up on either side of the presses.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Calls for Papers: Technical Communication

The EServer CFP site is a database-driven collection of calls for papers in several fields, including TC.

Sauer, Geoffrey. EServer. Academic>Calls For Papers


Center for Information Society Studies: Call for Papers

A current list of CFP's from a variety of disciplines and professional groups.

CISS. Academic>Calls For Papers>Cultural Theory


Choice Paper   (PDF)

Even the pros forget the basics sometimes. Constance Sidles gives a quick refresher course on asking yourself, and your client, all the right questions when you're choosing paper.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1998). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Coming to Terms   (PDF)

Picking paper involves deciphering a lot of arcane terminology. Here's a quick reference guide.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1996). Articles>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Dead Tree or Detailed Treatise: What is a White Paper?

So what exactly is a white paper? This is one of those questions many people have been wrestling with for some time. If you look up the term in a dictionary, you'll find an outdated response describing a government report.

Stelzner, Michael A. WhitePaperSource (2006). Articles>Writing>Business Communication>White Papers


Digital Paper Platform: Papers Impact Digital Print Quality

As digital printers and presses advance, paper manufacturers continue to improve the quality and variety of their digital paper lines.

Hitchcock, Nancy A. PennWell (2004). Design>Publishing>Prepress>Paper


Eleven Tips on Terrific Titles

Honestly, which white paper would YOU sooner read: 'Implications of Business Intelligence Methodologies on Operational Efficiencies: A Retrospective Study' or 'Six Things You Must Know about Data Warehousing'? This article offers eleven tips on putting together compelling titles for white papers.

Graham, Gordon. WhitePaperSource (2006). Articles>Writing>Rhetoric>White Papers


Everybody Makes Mistakes   (PDF)

Special 'blooper reel' edition: the author's biggest paper mistakes.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1996). Design>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Extracting Pearls from Other People's Brains: The Art of Interviewing

Perhaps one of the bigger challenges faced by white paper writers is coming up with good content. The default course of action is to do a Google search. While this approach can yield valuable information, the best pearls reside inside someone else's head.

Stelzner, Michael A. WhitePaperSource (2006). Articles>Interviewing>Research>White Papers


Five Reasons Freelancers Make More Money Writing White Papers

Are you looking to drum up some new business? Want to get more dollars from existing clients? Are you a starving writer? White paper expert Michael A. Stelzner provides the following reasons white papers could dramatically increase your writing revenue:

Stelzner, Michael A. Content Wrangler, The (2008). Articles>Freelance>Writing>White Papers


Freelancing From Home: Don't Interview Folks in Your Pajamas

Have you ever considered breaking out of your nine to five and 5-by-5-foot cubicle to become a full-time freelance writer?

Hartsock, Nettie. WhitePaperSource (2006). Careers>Freelance>Business Communication>White Papers


Getting Off the Starting Block: Practical Tips to Starting a White Paper

Why are white papers so hard to write? Simply put, they require effort. Effort makes us sweat. Just the thought of working hard causes some people's blood to percolate.

Stelzner, Michael A. WhitePaperSource (2006). Articles>Writing>Rhetoric>White Papers


Google Insights: A Social Barometer for the Digital Age

Grant Whiteside looks at Google Insights for Search tool and how it can give you a pictorial breakdown of the social barometer.

Whiteside, Grant. Scribd (2009). Articles>Internet>Assessment>White Papers


A Guide to International Paper Sizes   (PDF)

Metrics, not U.S. measurements, rule the universe. Therefore, before preparing publications for distribution abroad, you need to understand the basics of ISO paper standards.

Copresco (2000). Articles>Document Design>International>Paper


How to Find Clients Who Need White Papers

Freelancers often wonder where to find clients. What kind of companies need white papers written for them, anyway? Here's three simple questions that will tell you the answer.

Graham, Gordon. WhitePaperSource (2006). Careers>Freelance>Writing>White Papers


How To Write a White Paper to Attract Clients

Do you have a new idea, business model, product or service? Do you want to get noticed by using a marketing method that might only cost you time? Try writing a white paper to attract people to your door.

Markenson, Ari J. Dumb Little Man (2009). Articles>Business Communication>White Papers>Marketing


Members' Tips for Writing a Compelling White Paper   (members only)

It takes time and a strong focus to create a solid white paper, according to TechRepublic members who shared tips and insight about white paper creation. Find out what should be your first step and your last for a successful effort.

Mottl, Judith N. TechRepublic (2003). Articles>Business Communication>Writing>White Papers


Michael Stelzner's Writing White Papers Blog   (peer-reviewed)

Michael Stelzner's Writing White Papers Blog is offers comprehensive look at all white paper related topics, from writing to marketing.

Stelzner, Michael A. WhitePaperSource (2006). Articles>Writing>White Papers>Blogging


Only the Strong Survive   (PDF)

Picking the right strength characteristics when you're buying paper can determine whether your job holds up on press, in the mail, or in your customers' hands.

Sidles, Constance J. Adobe Magazine (1997). Articles>Document Design>Prepress>Paper


Paper at Its Peak: The Myth of the Myth of the Paperless Office

Anyone who writes for a living can, like me, describe a long love-hate relationship with paper as the conveyer of the written word. There's something physically appealing about putting pen to paper, as there is about picking up and reading a well-produced bound document.

Garrison, Ronald W. Carolina Communique (2007). Articles>Workplace>Business Communication>Paper



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