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American Translators Association

Welcome to the American Translators Association. This site will help you learn more about the American Translators Association and the translation and interpretation professions. Please give us your feedback. Thanks for visiting ATA's Website.

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Association of Translation Companies

Founded in 1976, the ATC is, perhaps, one of oldest professional groups representing the interests of translation companies in the world. It is dedicated not only to representing the interests of translation companies, but also to serving the needs of translation purchasers.

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The Center for the Art of Translation

The Center for the Art of Translation is committed to giving voice to great world writing by publishing fresh English translations alongside the original language text. We seek to promote world literature--with its power to move, inform, and inspire--and provide a window into the cultures that produce it.

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DTT: Deutscher Terminologie-Tag

Der DTT e.V. ist ein Forum für alle, die sich mit Terminologie und Terminologiearbeit beschäftigen. Er hat sich zum Ziel gesetzt, durch Beratung und Koordination sowie durch die Veranstaltung von Symposien und Workshops zur Lösung fachlicher Kommunikationsprobleme beizutragen.

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European Language Resources Association

ELRA's mission is to promote language resources for the Human Language Technology (HLT) sector, and to evaluate language engineering technologies.

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i18n Gurus

An open directory of links to internationalization (i18n) resources and related material.

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The Institute of Localization Professionals

The Institute of Localisation Professionals (TILP) has the primary aim of developing professional practices in localisation globally. TILP is a non-profit organisation, owned by its members and lead by a Council elected at its Annual General Meeting.

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Localization Industry Standards Association

Consisting of over 200 corporate clients and their globalization solutions partners -- the LISA provides best practice, business guidelines and multi-lingual information management standards for making enterprise globalization a reality.

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Plain English Campaign

Plain English Campaign is an independent pressure group fighting for public information to be written in plain English.

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The Plain Language Association International

Plain language is language that everyone in your audience can easily understand. It saves time, money, and lives. Whether you are preparing a brief, writing a procedure, running a business, publishing a newsletter, managing a department, or training workers, you need plain language. We have plain-language links, papers and tutorials, consultants, a list service, and conferences.

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STC International Technical Communication Special Interest Group

Members exchange information on internationalization, localization, translation, international standards, cross-cultural communication, and technical communication worldwide. Projects include a bibliography and 'kits' of articles on specific topics, including the translation kit. The newsletter is Global Talk Online.

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Terminologicentrum TNC

The overall aim of Terminologicentrum TNC is to meet all kinds of terminological needs of users of languages for special purposes.

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