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AIfIA in het Nederlands

AIfIA in het Nederlands is de sectie van de AIfIA website waar we vertalingen van belangrijke teksten over informatie-architectuur (IA) in het Nederlands publiceren. We plaatsen ook nieuws over en hyperlinks naar informatie over IA in het Nederlandse taalgebied. Wij bieden gelegenheid tot interactie in de Nederlandse taal via commentaren op nieuwsberichten en een e-mail rondzendlijst.

AIfIA. (Dutch) Organizations>Information Design>Regional>Netherlands


The Information Design Association

The Information Design Association (IDA) was founded in the UK in 1991, to bring together practitioners, users and anyone else with an interest in information design.

IDA. Organizations>Information Design>Regional>United Kingdom


XML Authoring Group

The XML Authoring Group is an informal gathering of technical communication professions in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina who meet once every two months or so to discuss issues regarding the development of technical content with structure or XML tags. We are not a group of XML programmers and we are not beginners with XML either. We are using XML for developing, delivering, and maintaining technical content, not data.

KeyContent.org (2006). Organizations>Information Design>Regional>Southern US


Information Architect Association Japan


IAAJ. (Japanese) Organizations>Information Design>Regional>Japan

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