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In recent years, organizations for information architects (also known as 'information designers') have become vital and interesting places to meet and discuss emerging issues in usability, experience design, interaction design and metadata collection/development.



AIfIA in het Nederlands

AIfIA in het Nederlands is de sectie van de AIfIA website waar we vertalingen van belangrijke teksten over informatie-architectuur (IA) in het Nederlands publiceren. We plaatsen ook nieuws over en hyperlinks naar informatie over IA in het Nederlandse taalgebied. Wij bieden gelegenheid tot interactie in de Nederlandse taal via commentaren op nieuwsberichten en een e-mail rondzendlijst.

AIfIA. (Dutch) Organizations>Information Design>Regional>Netherlands


The American Society for Information Science and Technology

ASIST provides the people, programs and publications that keep your career moving forward. Whether you need to improve your productivity through better information retrieval, satisfy the information needs of your clients and constiuents, or need to understand or affect information policies, ASIST can help you address all of these diverse needs.

ASIST. Organizations>Information Design


Argus Center for Information Architecture

The Argus Center for Information Architecture works to define and advance the evolving discipline of information architecture. The Argus Center serves as a focal point for learning about the theory and practice of information architecture. Towards this goal, we: manage a selective collection of links to the most remarkable content, events, and people in our field; produce original articles, white papers, conferences, and seminars that draw from the experience and expertise of the Argus team; conduct research, independently and through partnerships, focused on improving our collective understanding of information architecture.

Argus Center (2001). Organizations>Information Design


Asilomar Institute for Information Architecture

AIfIA is a non-profit volunteer organization dedicated to advancing and promoting information architecture. Founded in 2002, AIfIA has over 400 members in 30 countries.

AIfIA. Organizations>Information Design>Human Computer Interaction


ASIS Special Interest Group: Information Architecture

SIG-IA is guided by an ethic of inclusion, in which the full range of participants - from those who are self-taught to those with considerable academic training or practical experience - feel comfortable helping one another develop the professional practice of information architecture.

ASIST. Organizations>Information Design


Association of Knowledgework

At the Association of Knowledgework, people from every specialty cross professional, geographic, cultural, economic and hierarchical barriers to learn together. Not just another website, this is a virtual home for those who work with this stuff called knowledge.

Association of Knowledgework. Organizations>Information Design



Cadius es una iniciativa al servicio de la comunidad de profesionales de la Arquitectura de Información y la Usabilidad.

Cadius. (Spanish) Organizations>Information Design>User Centered Design>Usability


DITA Users   (members only)

DITA Users is a membership organization that includes: individuals learning DITA; organizations moving to single-source authoring and multi-channel publishing; vendors of XML Editors and XML Content Management Systems.

DITA Users. Organizations>Information Design>Standards>DITA



A gathering place for information about DITA.

ditamap.com. Organizations>Information Design>XML>DITA


Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

The Dublin Core Metadata Initiative is an open forum engaged in the development of interoperable online metadata standards that support a broad range of purposes and business models. DCMI's activities include consensus-driven working groups, global workshops, conferences, standards liaison, and educational efforts to promote widespread acceptance of metadata standards and practices.

Dublin Core. Organizations>Information Design>Standards>Metadata


The Information Design Association

The Information Design Association (IDA) was founded in the UK in 1991, to bring together practitioners, users and anyone else with an interest in information design.

IDA. Organizations>Information Design>Regional>United Kingdom


Information Design Center

The field of professional communication is closely related to that of technical communication, though professional communication encompasses a wider variety of skills. Professional communicators use strategies, theories, and technologies to more effectively communicate in the business world.

Information Design Center. Organizations>Information Design


Information Design SIG of the STC

The Information Design SIG assists members interested in acquiring the necessary skills to practice information design. Information Design SIG activities include publishing Design Matters (the SIG's quarterly newsletter). This SIG also encourages and makes available information design research findings, success stories, educational programs, and other resources.

STC Information Design SIG. Organizations>Information Design


The Joint Information Systems Committee

The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) supports further and higher education by providing strategic guidance, advice and opportunities to use Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to support teaching, learning, research and administration. JISC is funded by all the UK post-16 and higher education funding councils.

JISC. Organizations>Information Design


Lone-DITA  (link broken)

Lone-DITA's goal is to provide resources for solo Technical Writers, or those who are part of a small documentation team, who want to implement DITA at their organization.

Lone-DITA. Organizations>Information Design>Technical Writing>DITA


North Bay Multimedia Association

NBMA is an open community of new media professionals. Since 1992, it's been a meeting ground to explore the present and future of new media; a place to exchange ideas, learn about new techniques and technologies, be inspired, and find business support in a friendly and productive atmosphere.

North Bay Multimedia Association. Organizations>Information Design>Multimedia>California


Open eBook Forum

The Open eBook Forum (OeBF) is the leading international trade and standards organization for the electronic publishing industry. Our members consist of hardware and software companies publishers, accessibility advocates, authors, users of electronic books, and related organizations whose common goals are to establish specifications and standards and to advance the competitiveness of the electronic publishing industry. The Forum's work will foster the development of applications and products that will benefit creators of content, makers of reading systems and consumers.

OeB (2003). Organizations>Information Design>Publishing>eBooks


PRISM: Publishing Requirements for Industry Standard Metadata

PRISM is an extensible XML metadata standard for syndicating, aggregating, post-processing and multi-purposing content from magazines, news, catalogs, books and mainstream journals.

PRISM. Organizations>Information Design>Publishing>Metadata


Tietopalveluseura ry Samfundet för Informationtjänst i Finland  (link broken)

Tietopalveluseura on tietopalvelualan aatteellinen yhdistys, joka toimii alan ammattilaisten kohtaamispaikkana.

Tietopalveluseura. (Finnish) Organizations>TC>Information Design



Wise-Women is a world-wide, online community of web designers, developers and programmers.

Wise-Women (2005). Organizations>Web Design>Information Design>Gender



The XMetaL-DITA group was founded to educate XMetaL users in working with the DITA standard.

Yahoo. Organizations>Information Design>XML>DITA


XML Authoring Group

The XML Authoring Group is an informal gathering of technical communication professions in the Research Triangle Park (RTP) area of North Carolina who meet once every two months or so to discuss issues regarding the development of technical content with structure or XML tags. We are not a group of XML programmers and we are not beginners with XML either. We are using XML for developing, delivering, and maintaining technical content, not data.

KeyContent.org (2006). Organizations>Information Design>Regional>Southern US


XMLIreland Special Interest Group

The Irish XML Special Interest Group, is an informal, not-for-profit trade association, whose members subscribe to an electronic forum and attend monthly events on topics surrounding XML.

XMLIreland. Organizations>Information Design>XML>Ireland


Information Architect Association Japan


IAAJ. (Japanese) Organizations>Information Design>Regional>Japan

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