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American Society for Training and Development

Founded in 1944, ASTD is the world's premier professional association and leading resource on workplace learning and performance issues. ASTD provides information, research, analysis and practical information derived from its own research, the knowledge and experience of its members, its conferences, expositions, seminars, publications and the coalitions and partnerships it has built through research and policy work.ASTD's membership includes more than 70,000 people, working in the field of workplace performance in 100 countries worldwide. Its leadership (see ASTD's Board of Directors) and members work in more than 15,000 multinational corporations, small and medium sized businesses, government agencies, colleges and universities.

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The Association for Educational Communications and Technology

The mission of the Association for Educational Communications and Technology is to provide leadership in educational communications and technology by linking professionals holding a common interest in the use of educational technology and its application to the learning process.

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The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing   (members only)

The Association of Teachers of Technical Writing was formed in 1973 to encourage dialogue among teachers of technical communication and to develop technical communication as an academic discipline. ATTW today has approximately 1,000 members and includes both graduate and undergraduate students of technical communication as well as professional technical communicators in business and industry.

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The Canadian Association of Teachers of Technical Writing (CATTW)

The largest Canadian association for technical writers. CATTW/ACPRTS (Association canadienne des professeurs de r├ędaction technique et scientifique) has the unique mandate of encouraging research and discussion about technical communication in both of Canada's two official languages. Our association also actively encourages interdisciplinary and community-based research.

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CAST is a not-for-profit education research and development organization that uses technology to make education more flexible and accessible for all students, especially those with disabilities.

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Consortium for the Study of Engineering Communication

The Consortium for the Study of Engineering Communication consists of individual engineering communication scholars from six professional organizations and ten universities who are interested in research relating to the Acreditation Board for Engineering and Technology's Engineering Criteria 2000, expecially EC3(g): 'the ability to communicate effectively.' They are working together on research and development projects to identify best communication practices of successful engineers in industry and ways of assessing students' communication performances. Collaboration with others concerned with engineering communication and assessment is welcome. Please see the list of members or the list of organizations represented for further information or contact us.

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The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication

The Council for Programs in Technical and Scientific Communication (CPTSC) has five goals: promote programs in technical and scientific communication, promote research in technical and scientific communication, develop opportunities for the exchange of ideas and information concerning programs, research, and career opportunities, assist in the development and evaluation of new programs in technical and scientific communication, if requested, and promote exchange of information between this organization and interested parties.

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The European Network of Science Communication Teachers

The project brought together leading institutions and individuals involved in science communication teaching from across Europe, to exchange ideas on good practice in teaching.

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International Writing Centers Association

An international organization for the directors and employees at higher education writing centers.

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Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group Wiki

The mission of the Open Web Education Alliance Incubator Group is to help enhance and standardize the architecture of the World Wide Web by facilitating the highest quality standards and best practice based education for future generations of Web professionals through such activities as: fostering open communication channels for knowledge transfer, and curriculum sharing between corporate entities, educational institutions, Web professionals, and students.

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STC Education and Research Special Interest Group

Education and research is very broad, therefore, we can expect to learn a great deal about a variety of topics related to education from one another. I welcome this and hope that this SIG will grow and become an open forum for people to share and express ideas on the research that they are performing or hope to perform. I believe that this SIG can provide all of us an opportunity to be exposed to bright insights and novel expressions of creativity and brilliance. Some of my educational research goals are radically unique. It is from this perspective that I hope to elicit similar ideas from others.

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STC Instructional Design and Learning Special Interest Group

The Instructional Design & Learning (IDL) SIG helps STC members design, develop, and implement technical instruction in electronic and classroom settings. It promotes sound design practices and educates members about instructional theory, research, and tools. The IDL SIG provides resources to STC members interested in the intersection of technical communication and instructional design, especially in the following areas: Training development and delivery. Research and theory in instructional design and learning. Self-paced training development and delivery, including web-based training (WBT) and computer-based training (CBT). Tools for WBT and CBT.

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US Distance Learning Association

An organization that seeks to provide current information on distance learning, and to advocate and promote the use of distance learning.

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TecCOM Frame

TecCOMFrame (Technical Communication Competence Framework) aims to develop standard curricula based on a common academic qualification and competence framework in order to establish and enhance academic training programs for technical communication throughout Europe.

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