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Automating Diagrams with Visio

By doing the demanding intellectual work first and then forcing the tools to succumb to need to produce seemingly speedy deliverables, you can get around the difficulty of choosing between 'Good, Fast and Cheap.' Here's one approach using Excel and Visio.

Angeles, Michael. Boxes and Arrows (2002). Design>Project Management>Information Design>Microsoft Excel


Excel 2007 Quick Reference Card   (PDF)

A basic introduction to the new functions in Microsoft Excel 2007, which changed the user interface significantly from its earlier (2003) version.

CustomGuide (2009). Articles>Software>Databases>Microsoft Excel


Excel Hacks for Help Writers

One of my earlier careers was in manufacturing management, and it grounded me in the principles of project planning and management. When I moved into technical communication, I brought my project management disciplines with me, and I embraced the prevailing tools of my new profession. I dutifully produced documentation plans in Microsoft Word and supported them with detailed project plans in Microsoft Project. However, the problem is that—like bad relationships—these artifacts never gave back results that were sufficient to reward the effort I put into creating them.

Hughes, Michael A. UXmatters (2008). Articles>Documentation>Technical Writing>Microsoft Excel


Excelling in Excel with Java

Whether you have balance sheets, account information downloads, tax calculations, or pay slips, they all tend to come in Microsoft Excel. Non-IT professionals feel comfortable using Microsoft Excel as a data exchange technology. The Jakarta POI (Poor Obfuscation Implementation) API is a fantastic way for Java programmers to access Microsoft document formats. The most mature API from Jakarta POI is the HSSF (Horrible Spreadsheet Format) API, which accesses Microsoft Excel documents.

Sundaram, Elango. Java World (2004). Resources>Information Design>Programming>Microsoft Excel


Five “Joys” of using Excel as a Software Requirements Management Tool

Early in the project, the program manager decided to use Microsoft Excel as the tool of choice for gathering and managing the requirements, each module would have their own set of requirements. It sounded like a good choice to the program manager, since everyone has Excel on their machine and it would be easy to share files amongst all interested parties. I’m sure that sounded good at the time, but it has certainly been a pain for me.

Stockdale, Betsy. Seilevel (2010). Articles>Business Communication>Requirements>Microsoft Excel


Programmatically Manipulating Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets with the Apache POI API

The Apache Jakarta POI project consists of Java APIs dedicated to the manipulation of files based on Microsoft's OLE 2 Compound Document format. In this article, you'll learn how to use the APIs of the POI project to read from and write to Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. As you will see, the programmatic liberty to manipulate Excel files represents a powerful offering to the Java programmer.The Apache POI contains a number of components. In this article, we'll be focusing our study on the HSSF component. The HSSF project will provide us with the ability to read and write from XLS spreadsheets.

Bhogal, Kulvir S. Dev Articles (2003). Articles>Web Design>Server Side Includes>Microsoft Excel


Usability Test Data Logger

Most people use Microsoft Excel to analyse the results of usability tests, but did you know you can use it to collect the data too? This spreadsheet allows you to measure task completion rates, analyse questionnaire data, and summarise participant comments. It even includes a timer so you can measure time-on-task.

Userfocus (2003). Resources>Usability>Testing>Microsoft Excel


Using Microsoft Excel to Collect Usability Data   (PDF)

For many usability engineers and human factors researchers, basic note-taking on a paper form or laptop computer represents the common data collection strategy. Unfortunately, this approach can be cumbersome and slow to compile the data following the completion of a study.

Zazelenchuk, Todd. Userfocus (2003). Articles>Usability>Testing>Microsoft Excel

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