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Build Up Links to Your Website

Link building is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Learn how to in this article.

Moss, Trenton. Webcredible (2004). Design>Web Design>Marketing>Search Engine Optimization


Building Blocks for Marketing Documents   (PDF)

Massa explains several features common to most technical marketing documents.

Massa, Jack A. Intercom (2002). Articles>Writing>Marketing


Building Brand into Structure

Brand should be a component of every decision a company makes, from its customer service to its logistics to its letterhead to its interactive properties. Tips and advice for the IA needing to support the brand experience within a quality user experience.

Saffer, Dan. Boxes and Arrows (2002). Design>Graphic Design>Marketing


Building Viral Marketing Tools   (PDF)

One of the best ways to spread the word about your website is to let your audience do it for you.

Walter, Aarron. Building Findable Websites (2008). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Social Networking


Bulletproof Your Brochures

Brochures are good for some things but not others. The key to not wasting your money is to understand what brochures do well, and what they don't do well.

Bennaco (2005). Articles>Document Design>Marketing


Business-Centred Design

In traditional user-centred design, focus is on users’ needs and their use of the product, while marketing is left to the marketing department. On the web, usability and marketing go hand in hand. Whether commercial or not, a web site has to meet the need of its users and at the same time convince them to take action, for the objectives behind the site to be meet.

Olsen, Henrik. GUUUI (2003). Design>Web Design>Marketing>Usability


Care to Invest in Usability?

Making decisions regarding your investments is difficult, even during the best of times, and it is interesting to look at the reasons and drivers behind 'putting your money where your mouth is'. Usability, I believe, is a key part of the investment decision process. In an increasingly complex and technological world, a lot of people are perusing, gathering, and analyzing financial information using the internet. This is often the key material that helps people make their investment decisions in one particular way or another. 

Harrison, Nick. WebWord (2001). Articles>Usability>Marketing


Career Paths Less Taken   (PDF)

For many practitioners, technical communication can--and should--be the springboard for a different career. Many technical writers and editors have made transitions to related disciplines from which they can influence industry and academia. They now have titles such as marketing and web content writer, usability lab manager, product marketing manager, business operations strategist, and more. This paper summarizes the career evolutions of the author and several colleagues in technical communication, and provides advice to help readers broaden their career horizons.

Rosenbaum, Stephanie L. STC Proceedings (2004). Careers>TC>Usability>Marketing


Careers in Content Marketing

Careers in Sales and Marketing were long restricted to a few designations like Salesmen, Marketing Executives, Cold-callers, Sales Managers. But, now there are a plethora of opportunities and one can be an Account Manager, Ad-Sales/Operations Manager, Marketing Communication/Brand Communication Manager, Pre-Sales person, Customer-care Representative, Business Analyst so on and so forth. The opportunities for marketing professionals are endless and it is ever-expanding with the emergence of a multi-million dollar industry, namely Content Marketing.

Prabu, M.D.S. Indus (2010). Careers>Content Management>Marketing


Chapter Public Relations: Learn from the Winners   (PDF)

After nearly six years as a technical editor, I wanted a larger, more visible role in the environmental engineering company where I worked. Learning new skills in marketing and public relations through the Mid-South Chapter put me in the position to do that when my company reorganized its marketing functions this year. In this paper, I focus on the management skills I learned managing the public relations committee for our chapter.

Carbaugh King, Margaret. STC Proceedings (1997). Careers>Management>Marketing


Choosing The Right Strategy For Your Online Business: Pay for Inclusion versus Pay per Click

How to determine the ROI for Pay for Inclusion and Pay per Click marketing strategies.

Zwicky, Richard. Metamend (2004). Design>Web Design>Marketing


Clicks that Stick: Retargeting Users that Leave Your Site

98 percent of Internet shoppers leave ecommerce sites without buying. That is why Internet-savvy marketers are starting to use retargeting technology to pursuing customers who have left their website and recapture lost sales.

Janisch, Troy. Icon Interactive (2007). Articles>Web Design>Marketing


Clickthru Is Evil II

Ten years ago, Tim Berners-Lee invented the web. Five years ago, advertisers started discovering it. Now they are poised to wreck it. Double-Click’s poison cookie has Alan Herrell foaming at the mouth as he explains why Clickthru is Evil.

Herrell, Alan. List Apart, A (2000). Articles>Web Design>Marketing


Color Design for the Web

Did you know that a site visitor forms his or her first impression about your site within the first nine seconds of a visit? Making sure your color scheme is in contour with your site's content and visitors, is very important. You want the color scheme to enhance your site and it's content, not distract or confuse your users. Color gives users cues as to your site's navigation, grouping of content, importance, relationships, etc. For this reason, color is an essential element of Web site design. Most of the people relate to color similarly online and offline. Visitors to your site, whether they know it or not, respond to colors and other visual elements on your web site on a psychological level. An intrigued (and non-confused) site visitor is more likely to engage in the goal of your site -- whether it is meant to inform, entertain, or to sell goods or services.

Singh, Vaishali. CoolHomePages.com (2000). Design>Web Design>Marketing>Color


Communicating Complex Ideas: How Public Prediction Markets Simplify Concepts about Buying and Selling Events and Ideas

Can prediction markets be used successfully in a corporate environment? Kirtland forecasts that making them easier to use just might be the key. Through simple guidelines, he shares strategies for benefiting the wise crowds.

Kirtland, Alex. Boxes and Arrows (2006). Articles>TC>Marketing


Communicating Information or Engaging Your People—How Does Communication Best Support Change?

According to a 1997 survey entitled “The Quality of Working Life” by Professors Les Worrall and Cary Cooper of the Institute of Management, of the 5,000 U.K. managers polled, a majority revealed that they had been affected by organisational change in the last year and failed to see business benefits. When asked about possible improvements, the largest response reflected the need for greater involvement, more listening by senior managers and more honest, two-way communication.

Sparrow, Jane. Communication World Bulletin (2004). Articles>Business Communication>Management>Marketing


Content Based Sales

Content-based sales means using high-quality content to generate traffic, which you then use to earn money (but not necessarily on the web-site).

Content Strategy (2007). Articles>Web Design>Writing>Marketing


Content for Tourism and Hospitality Sites

My worst experiences with hospitality sites have been to do with vague location, online timetables, poor follow-up communication, and out of date information. I have wasted days as a result, which I hate.

McAlpine, Rachel. Quality Web Content (2004). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Writing


Content: The News Marketing Tool

The dramatic shift in marketing is characterized by the advertising language that uses the tone of informing than selling. In today’s world a seller needs to be proactive, anticipate changes, and create awareness among the community. To reach everyone in the right time, place and to convince and provide a multitude of options is the goal of every seller and marketer. Content Marketing empowers one to do that.

Prabu, M.D.S. Indus (2010). Articles>Content Management>Marketing


Conversion Rate Optimization, Part 2

In part one of this two-part series we introduced and reviewed the basic concepts of conversion rate optimization and how Google’s Web Optimizer – a free tool from Google – can help improve your conversion rate, delivering fewer browsersmaking tire kickers drive off the lot and more buyers to the checkout. We also examined some of the tests that GWO performs to deliver useful conversion rate analytics. But there are additional benefits to using this performance assessment tool.

Townes, Frederick. UX Magazine (2007). Articles>Web Design>Marketing


Copywriting and Technical Writing Compared

Technical writers (technical authors) produce technical literature such as standard operating procedures (SOP), user guides, reference manuals and white papers. Copywriters produce advertising copy and publicity copy (also known as marketing communications or marcomms). Typically, that means product brochures, poster advertisements, advertorials, leaflets, and mailshots.

Unwalla, Mike. TechScribe (2007). Articles>Writing>Technical Writing>Marketing


The Corporate Name: To Change or Not To Change

The announcement ads are everywhere-in magazines, in newspapers and on television. Hundreds of companies, large and small, change their names every year. The Wall Street Journal reports that some 400 to 800 annually make a name change, and these numbers don't include the thousands more that only consider such a move. Why is it that so many corporations are reassessing their names? What spurs them to undertake a procedure that is often painfully emotional, and, in all cases, is time consuming?

Bell, James. Communication World Bulletin (2005). Careers>Management>Marketing


Corporate Reputation Management and the News Media: Advocate or Evade?

A lot of angst exists in a lot of board rooms throughout America every day. The question? To speak or not to speak to the news media. I have the solution. The solution is yes. As in, yes, you should speak to the media. Always.

Sanger, Chuck. Reputation Forward (2011). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing


Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting in South Africa: A Descriptive and Comparative Analysis   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

In this article, the authors compare the corporate social responsibility reporting (CSRR) of companies" environment, human relations, community, human rights, and diversity dimensions"in the emerging market economy of South Africa with that of companies in the leading economies represented by the Fortune Global 100. The descriptive analysis extends earlier empirical work on the CSRR of emerging market economies, and the impact of culture on CSRR, by examining annual report data from the top 100 companies listed on the Johannesburg Stock Index and the Fortune Global 100. Generally, the frequency and level of CSRR in South African companies was significantly higher than that of the Fortune Global 100, which indicates a greater willingness to convey social responsibility in their disclosure practices. This lends credence to the notion that emerging market economies may be more receptive to stakeholder concerns and social responsibility than peer institutions in leading economies.

Dawkins, Cedric and Faith Wambura Ngunjiri. JBC (2008). Articles>Business Communication>Marketing>Africa


Create a Strong Intranet Brand

The intranet needs to have a strong brand, a sense of identity that, at a basic level, distinguishes it from the public website and other information sources within the organisation. Beyond this, the intranet brand should be designed to build staff trust, and to convey a clear sense of what the intranet can offer and when it should be used. This briefing explores the role of the intranet's brand identity, as well as outlining how to put it into practice.

Robertson, James. Step Two (2006). Articles>Web Design>Intranets>Marketing



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