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ACM/SIGCHI Mailing Lists and Aliases

The SIGCHI mailing and discussion lists are open to all interested people and do not require ACM or SIGCHI membership. Posting to the lists is moderated to avoid spam, irrelevant posts, and subscription queries, but are generally open to to any people, whether subscribers or not. Many lists are archived and searchable on the Web.

ACM SIGCHI. Resources>Mailing Lists>Human Computer Interaction


AIfIA Newsletter

The AIfIA-announce newsletter is a free email that is published twice a month. It includes news about what's new with AIfIA and partner sites.

AIfIA. Resources>Mailing Lists>Information Design


ATTW-L Mailing List Archive   (members only)

An archive of the messages sent to the Association of Teachers of Technical Writing mailing list.

ATTW. Resources>Mailing Lists


Bakhtin, Vygotsky, Composition, and Rhetoric

The Bakhtin/Vygotsky listserv invites subscribers to post information relevant to Bakhtin/Vygotsky scholarship, including announcements of publications, conferences, seminars, calls for papers, etc.

Zappen, James P. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. Resources>Mailing Lists>Rhetoric


The Best of CHI-WEB and SIGIA-L

The chi-web and sig-ia mailing lists are two email based discussion groups on the topics of web usability, design and human computer interaction (the later with a heavier emphasis on information architecture). To subscribe to chi-web, read the info page or to get a better flavor for what happens there, use its full searchable archive. Alternatively, you can join sigia-l from here or view the sigia-l archive . Using the archives for each mailing list, I've compiled a list of the summary postings from useful threads, and a few personally selected favorite postings. Please note: my list below is not an exhaustive list of summary postings. I just picked the ones I found most salient and valuable for reference. Also, these summaries are collections of contributing posts: they are a mixture of opinions and commentary, with some references to reports, usability data, websites or books.

Berkun, Scott. UIWeb. Resources>Mailing Lists>Web Design>Multimedia


BizCom Discussion Group

The BizCom Discussion Group focuses on issues and concerns related to business communication research, pedagogy, and practice.

Association for Business Communication. Resources>Mailing Lists>Business Communication


Career Resources

Folks on the Interaction Design Discussionion mailing list posted some tips and Web sites helpful in conducting a job search.

IxDA Resource Library (2005). Careers>Usability>Mailing Lists>Interaction Design


Careers in Communications

This is an open forum to discuss Communications related employment opportunities from Advertising to Technical Writing. Employers may feel free to notify the club of any employment opportunities they may have that are related to Communication careers.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Communication


CHI-WEB Mailing List

CHI-WEB is an ACM SIGCHI moderated discussion list on the human factor aspects of the World Wide Web.

ACM SIGCHI. Resources>Mailing Lists>Human Computer Interaction


CHI-WEB Mailing List Archives   (peer-reviewed)

CHI-WEB is an ACM SIGCHI moderated discussion list on the human factor aspects of the World Wide Web.

ACM SIGCHI. Resources>Mailing Lists>Human Computer Interaction



A USENET newsgroup for discussion among users of Adobe FrameMaker.

Google. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe FrameMaker



This site is primarily for use by Copyediting-L subscribers who need information about the list's operation. (For general assistance with Listserv commands, see Indiana University's Knowledge Base.)

Indiana University. Resources>Mailing Lists


CSS-Design Mailingliste

Vor fast anderthalb Jahren haben wir CSS-Design online gestellt. Seitdem haben wir viel über CSS dazugelernt - genug jedenfalls, um zu sehen, daß ein gründliches Redesign dieser Seiten notwendig wurde. Unsere Besucher sehen davon wenig - die Optik der alten Layouts ist fast ohne Änderung erhalten geblieben, und auch die Texte haben wir nicht umgeschrieben. Umso größer sind die Veränderungen unter der Oberfläche.

Klinger, Claudia and Michael Charlier. Webwriting-Magazin. (German) Resources>Mailing Lists>CSS


Discussion Lists

A collection of links to mailing lists on a variety of usability-related topics.

UsabilityNet. Resources>Directories>Mailing Lists>Usability



The Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is an XML-based, end-to-end architecture for authoring, producing, and delivering technical information. This architecture consists of a set of design principles for creating 'information-typed' modules at a topic level and for using that content in delivery modes such as online help, books, and Web sites.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>XML>DITA


DocuMentorG Columns

Columns on technical writing. Continuation of the column written from 2001-03 for IT People.

Kamath, Gurudutt R. Topica (2004). Resources>Mailing Lists>Writing>Technical Writing


Dreamweaver Depot

This is a mailing list for users of the Dreamweaver Depot website; it will list upcoming events, changes to the website, as well as another forum for general Macromedia Dreamweaver questions.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Dreamweaver


eHelp Community Forums

A community discussion forum for users of eHelp software.

Adobe (2003). Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>RoboHelp


FrameScript Users

A group for users of 'FrameScript' software.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe FrameMaker


GoLive Talk

GoLive Talk is an email list for discussion on topics related to the GoLive product from Adobe Systems.

OmniPilot. Resources>Mailing Lists>Software>Adobe GoLive


Google TECHWR-L Archive

A complete archive of discussion threads from the TECHWR-L mailing list.

Google. Resources>Mailing Lists>TC


HCI Newsgroups and Mailing Lists

This section lists newsgroups and mailing lists which enable you to communicate about HCI on the Internet.

de Graaff, Hans. HCI Index. Resources>Directories>Mailing Lists


Help Authoring Tools and Techniques Mailing List

A mailing list for help authors to discuss tools and techniques.

Yahoo. Resources>Mailing Lists



INDEX-NW is an unmoderated email list for the discussion of topics relevant to experienced or aspiring indexers, index users, and those who publish indexed materials in the Pacific Northwest. It provides a forum for discussing practical, theoretical, and philosophical issues and for exchanging advice, information, ideas, and resources of interest to its intended audience.

American Society of Indexers. Resources>Mailing Lists>Indexing



InfoDesign serves as a forum for moderated discussions about information design issues. Information design is the art and the science of presenting information so that it is understandable and easy to use: effective, efficient and attractive. Information design involves knowledge and skills in various areas, such as graphic design, psychology, language, typography, diagramming, and user-testing.

Infodesign. Resources>Mailing Lists>Information Design>Typography



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