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Interaction Design is a field and approach to designing interactive experiences. These could be in any medium, not only digital media. Interactive experiences, necessarily, require time as an organizing principle (though not exclusively) and Interactive Design is concerned with a user, customer, audience, or participant's experience flow through time. Interactivity should not be confused with animation in which objects may move on a screen; interactivity is concerned with being part of the action of a system or performance and not merely watching the action passively.



Zebra Striping: More Data for the Case

I recently conducted a study into the helpfulness (or lack thereof) of zebra striping—the shading of alternate rows in a table or form. The study measured performance as users completed a series of tasks and found no statistically significant improvement in accuracy—and very little statistically significant improvement in speed when zebra stripes were implemented.

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Ссылки на Материлы по HCI

A series of links to Russian-language resources in human-computer interaction.

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我们常常看到这样的新闻报道:飞机坠毁夺走了好几百人的生命,某次工业事故导致几百万英镑的损失,某新发现的系统医疗错误致使数千病患重返医院。几个月后,公布的调查结果如下:操作机器设备时的人为错误导致了这些事故。人们使用‘人为错误’一词来表达‘操作上的错误’,而经常的情况是,这些‘人为错误’ 根本就是机器设备的人机界面设计或安装上本身固有的问题。低劣的人机界面会导致使用效率降低或者容易发生错误,严重的则会造成财产和生命损失。

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很多人难以理解我的那篇“以人为中心的设计是有害的”文章。 (哈哈,下面这样说可能有些保守!关于这个问题,肯定有五百篇评论和博客文章。) 特别地,我没能够清楚地说明“以活动为中心的设计”是什么意思,以及它和“以人为中心的设计”是如何的不同。 一些人好像认为我彻底抛弃了我以前说过的话。另外一些人则简单地认为我疯了。还有一些人则急匆匆地出来解释我那样说的含义。

Norman, Donald A. uiGarden (2006). (Chinese) Articles>Human Computer Interaction>User Centered Design


Motion Design: An Intro to UX Choreography

Digital interfaces are full of motion. In fact, the UX application of UI motion design has become so important, it’s taking on new terminology of its own—UX choreography. It includes interaction design, motion-based transitions, micro-interactions, and motion that supports the overall brand personality.

Brundrett, Alik. User Experience Magazine (2016). Articles>Web Design>Interaction Design>User Experience


The Coming Revolution in Email Design

Email, the web’s much maligned little cousin, is in the midst of a revolution—one that will change not only how designers and developers build HTML email campaigns, but also the way in which subscribers interact with those campaigns.

Rodriguez, Jason. List Apart, A (2016). Articles>Business Communication>Email>Interaction Design



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