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Clients From Hell

A collection of anonymously contributed client horror stories from designers.

Clients From Hell. Humor>Consulting>Web Design


The Comptoons

HCI Vistas presents cartoons that illustrate the interesting relationship between the human and computer.

Katre, Dinesh S. HCeye (2006). Humor>Computing>Human Computer Interaction


Review: Critique of Your PowerPoint Presentation Titled "Sales Forecast, Third Quarter."

The subtle downplaying of expectations only heightened the shock and amazement this tour de force eventually triggered in the minds of everyone lucky enough to view the production.

Brown, Ross. McSweeney's Internet Tendency (2009). Humor>Reviews>Presentations>Microsoft PowerPoint


A Day in the Life

If it's a good day, you arrive at work around seven o'clock, grateful for having missed the morning rush hour. Today's not a good day, so instead you crawl out from under the shakey shelf in your cubicle, glad that neither your cranky, obsolete computer nor the stale glass of Jolt cola fell on you during the night. Don't laugh; it's happened before, and putting yourself back together again cost you an hour of sleep you desperately needed. You smell the stench of cold pizza, and what's really appalling is that you're not sure whether it's coming from your shirt, your breath, or a hidden cache somewhere in the cubicle under piles of documentation someone left you to review. That's not your problem right now.

Hart, Geoffrey J.S. TECHWR-L. Humor>Workplace



Dilbert, sometimes referred to as a 'patron saint of technical communicators,' represents a sort of workplace humor that often illuminates TC experiences. This website shows the past month's worth of episodes from the daily syndicated cartoon.

Adams, Scott. United Feature Syndicate. Humor>Workplace>Engineering


Driving Over Jakob Nielsen

A web-based game, in which you master the usability issues of driving a Mack truck over well-known usability experts.

Urbanev.com (2000). Humor>Usability>Traveler Information>Games


(e)Xpressive Markup Language?

Conveying the emotional tone of a Web page has, up until now, been impossible with HTML, and the XML standard fails to address this issue. As an interim solution, developers have proposed several new tags to the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C).

Hart, Geoffrey J.S. Geoff-Hart.com (1998). Humor>Computing>XML>Emotions


Error Message Gallery

A collection of humourous error messages and dialogue boxes that you can add to by making your own.

Atom Smasher. Humor>User Interface>Help>Microsoft Windows


Font Conference

Some people are really creative and can take everyday ordinary things and turn them into something extraordinary. This is certainly the case with Streeter Seidell and Dan Gurewitch, the creators of Font Conference.

Seidell, Streeter and Dan Gurewitch. College Humor (2008). Humor>Typography


The Font Snob

Their logo is COPPERPLATE. We can't shop here.

PVP Online (2009). Humor>Typography>Fonts


God and the Technical Writer

A short play featuring the God of Software (played by the Product Manager) and the Technical Writer (played by a technical writer).

Elephant (2007). Humor>Writing>Technical Writing>Project Management


Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

Welcome to my Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness. On this page, I list wacky, bizarre, surreal and otherwise strange examples of technical documentation, particularly illustration.

DarrenBarefoot (2003). Humor>TC>Technical Illustration>Localization


Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness

Lists wacky, bizarre, surreal and otherwise strange examples of technical documentation, particularly illustration. Has not been updated for a number of years.

Barefoot, Darren K. Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness (2005). Humor>Writing>Technical Illustration>Technical Writing


Hexadecimal Color Codes in HTML That Look or Sound Dirty, But Are in Fact Merely Colorful

It's just like how you can make your calculator spell BOOBS, although people inexperienced with HTML probably won't appreciate it.

Genusa, Angela. McSweeney's Internet Tendency (2004). Humor>Web Design>HTML>Color


Hidden Settings in Word

If you've been having trouble with Word lately, this could be the reason why!

Craig's Joke Images (2004). Humor>Word Processing>User Interface>Microsoft Word


How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell

Everything is cool at the beginning. But then...

Oatmeal, The (2009). Humor>Web Design>Project Management


How to Thaw a Turkey

I open my usability presentations with this true story: I was given a large, frozen turkey a few years ago. When it came time to prepare the turkey, I placed it on a kitchen counter to let the turkey thaw.

Thomas, Joyce. Usability Interface (2001). Humor>Documentation


Humor Contest 2004   (PDF)

For this year's humor contest, Intercomasked readers to write instructions for imaginary devices. The contest was inspired by Stanislaw Lem, a writer of science fiction who also published collections of reviews and introductions to books that don't exist.

Intercom (2004). Humor>TC


Humor for the Technical Writing Class

Here are some examples and pointers to humor about resumes, documentation and mistaken English.

Karplus, Kevin. University of California Santa Cruz (2003). Humor>Language>TC


Humor in the Workplace?

Over the years, I've been accused of not taking life seriously enough. Although life certainly is no joke, it's not all Sturm und Drang or Weltschmerz, either. Mostly, I think, it's like Mozart: exhilarating and joyous except when it's not.

Tyler, Craig. Editorial Eye, The (1999). Humor>Workplace>Editing


I Punctuate; Therefore, I Am

It is punctuation that mirrors our personality, punctuation that exposes our true spirits, punctuation that reveals the soul. The punctuation that saturates our writing, that is, the punctuation marks we choose to overuse, is the real ink blot test of personality.

Boucher, Lorie. Writer's Block (2000). Humor>Writing


Ikea Explained

By having consumers perform furniture assembly themselves, Ikea is able to both lower costs and slowly drive their customers insane. To be fair, Ikea assembly instructions are not that bad. They brilliantly only use pictures, which are clearer than text and require no translation. Still, recognizing that some people may still have difficulty understanding them, I offer this handy explanation of some typical Ikea instructions that came with a bookshelf I recently bought.

Tech Writer's World, A (2009). Humor>Documentation>Technical Illustration


Intercom's Annual Humor Contest   (PDF)

The editor of Intercom introduces the magazine's annual humor contest. This year, readers are asked to submit made-up words that relate to some aspect of technical communication.

Martin, Maurice. Intercom (2000). Humor>TC


The Jakob Nielsen Drinking Game

Go to any web or internet related conference. Sneak in lots to drink. Sneak in lots of friends. Attend the obligatory "User-Centered Web Design" keynote session featuring Web Usability Guru(tm) Jakob Nielsen. Follow these rules.

Champeon, Steve and Jeff Veen. RC3 (2002). Humor>Usability



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