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Does Website Hosting Affect Rankings at Google?

After planning and developing a website the next part is to host it on the internet. Web Hosting is indeed an issue to be spent time on but the question arises if you need to look at it with your SEO eye or not? The answer in plain words is Yes and No.

Goyal, Nakul. ISEDB (2004). Design>Web Design>Hosting>Search Engine Optimization


Dynamic DNS Basics

A machine on a DSL or cable line without a static IP is connected to the Internet, but only one way. People from the outside can't initiate communication with that machine except through an intermediary, because they simply can't find it! This makes hosting from home impossible ... except through trickery. For there is a solution, a clever one. It is called dynamic DNS.

Adams, Paul. Webmonkey (2003). Design>Web Design>Hosting


Getting Content Out There

Four things support your actual site implementation -- getting your pages 'out there': your site design, collection and preparation of the content material, selecting a hosting service, and registering a domain name.

Tech-Writer. Design>Web Design>Hosting


How to Choose and Evaluate a Web Host

Before you find a web host read our guide about finding the perfect one.

Web Host Directory (2003). Articles>Web Design>Hosting


Is Your Website Poised to Deal With Its Growth?   (peer-reviewed)

Every webmaster nourishes the dream that his or her website will make it the big way. This is very much human because people carry out any task in ardent hope. What is more human out here is that earthy fellows like us base our aspirations more on speculation rather than specific set of steps undertaken to bring the dream a bit closer to reality. And this is not all, particularly in case of growth of a site which brings newer problems in the wake of its growth. It cannot be disputed that you can probably get some good web hosting on economy price. But if you expect top of the line service on this price, acknowedge gracefully that your are just asking for the moon. Probably you are not catching up with wisdom that business needs decisive investments.

Azam, Rahbre. Amateur Writerz (2008). Articles>Web Design>Hosting>Technical Writing


Silent Partners: Selecting The Best Web Host

Web hosting companies are the ‘silent partner’ of every online business. A good partner makes going online a natural extension of your business. A bad one costs you time, money, and customers.

Janisch, Troy. Icon Interactive (2005). Articles>Technology>Hosting>E Commerce


Simple Content Management

DON’T BE FOOLED by the title: this article covers the implementation of a complete, expandable, client-side content management system using REBOL. This system makes it easy for any website operator, regardless of experience, to update site content while keeping markup valid and consistent and ensuring that links stay pertinent. Why another CMS? I’m not a fan of the client-side content management provided by FrontPage or Dreamweaver, and server-based systems rely on server OS and software and are vulnerable to the restrictions of hosting packages. This CMS will work on any desktop system.

Ross-Gill, Christopher. List Apart, A (2002). Design>Content Management>Hosting


Web Hosting for Under Ten Bucks

There's a ginormous number of hosts out there, and they each offer a variety of packages and pricing plans. A lot of people can get away with hosting a site for free, while some prefer to have their own domain name and email address associated with their site. But whatever your motivation or reason for hosting, there's a perfect package available for you. I've sniffed around and I've found some of the best bets for cheap hosting — most of my finds were under US$10 per month

Patrikios, Jay. Webmonkey (2003). Design>Web Design>Hosting


Web Hosting from Hell: One Key Tip to Prepare for the Worst

One of the things I’m most familiar with on the Web is Web hosting companies– choosing them, working with them, yelling at them, comparing their services… After the last week of what could only be described as “the Web hosting experience from hell,” I’m now well-versed in leaving them too. Consider this article my Public Service Announcement on a bad Web hosting company. If you read until the end, you’ll find out which well-known company wins the award for “most terrible large-scale Web hosting company.” If you don’t, you’ll just get my angry rant. Either way, this should be informative.

Jason, Chris. ChrisJason.com (2007). Articles>Web Design>Hosting


Web Hosting PDFs

The purpose of this article is to explore the concept of PDF Forms as the User Interface for real-world applications on the Web. We will review the creation process for a PDF form, and walk-through a sample Active Server Pages (ASP) script to collect the data, before reviewing an ASP script that can parse this information, act on it, and return results to the client.

De Abrew, Karl and Dan Shea. PlanetPDF (2002). Design>Web Design>Hosting>Adobe Acrobat


Website Hosting 101

Wouldn’t it be nice to have virtually unlimited access to your own shiny new domain name and web hosting account, with a help desk whose only job is to help you and not worry about the wireless network in the Library and the printer in the Physics building and the mail server for the Dean’s Office? Can you afford one measly dollar per week over the course of a year (if that) for the freedom you can have with your domain name and web hosting account?

Meloni, Julie. Prof Hacker (2009). Articles>Web Design>Hosting


The www Problem

When visitors type in your site’s URL, they have many different options. Do they add the http://? Do they add the www? Do they leave it out? Do they mistype the URL somehow? There’s a lot of variety when it comes to a visitor trying to get to your site and it improves usability when you eliminate as much as possible. Shouldn’t the www be meaningless by now?

Holesh, Kevin. I Love Usability (2009). Articles>Web Design>Hosting>Usability

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