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Group Communication Specifications: A Comprehensive Study   (peer-reviewed)

View-oriented group communication is an important and widely used building block for many distributed applications. Much current research has been dedicated to specifying the semantics and services of view-oriented Group Communication Systems (GCSs). However, the guarantees of different GCSs are formulated using varying terminologies and modeling techniques, and the specifications vary in their rigor. This makes it difficult to analyze and compare the different systems.

Chockler, Gregory V., Idit Keidar and Roman Vitenberg. MIT (2001). Articles>Collaboration>Groupware>Semantic


Tracking Reviewers' Comments

I had a manual under review by over 60 people. I posted a question about how to track all of their comments. Here is the summary. Thanks to everyone who responded. You all gave me a lot to think about. I realized as I got the comments that I left out a crucial piece of information...the manual went out to our managers and maintenance specialists in the field (we have offices all over the United States). Thus, we can't hold traditional meetings.

Hanvey, Jeff. Suite101. Reference>Editing>Groupware>Workflow

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