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A gordon  (link broken)

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gordon. Answers.com (1985). Reference>Encyclopedias>Search>Surveys


Encyclopedia of Business Case Terms  (link broken)

A business case is a tool that supports planning and decision-making, including decisions about whether to buy, which vendor to choose, and when to implement.

Solution Matrix. Reference>Encyclopedias>Business Communication>Writing


Interaction Design Encyclopedia

An open-source encyclopedia of terms from the fields surrounding interaction design.

Interaction-Design.org (2006). Reference>Encyclopedias>Interaction Design


STC Body of Knowledge (Experimental Portal)

Many technical communicators regard themselves as technical writers. Many others incorporate, or concentrate on, communication techniques other than writing: editing, indexing, graphic design, video, instructional design and many others.

STC. Resources>Encyclopedias>TC


Technical Writer

A hypertext encyclopedia entry about technical writers, with links to many related topics.

Wikipedia. Reference>Encyclopedias>Writing>Technical Writing



A hypertext encyclopedia entry about usability, with links to many related topics.

Wikipedia. Reference>Encyclopedias>Usability


User Interface

A hypertext encyclopedia entry about user interface design, with links to many related topics.

Wikipedia. Reference>Encyclopedias>User Interface

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