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Drupal is a free and open source modular framework and content management system written in the server-side include language PHP. It is used as a "back end" system for many different types of websites, ranging from small personal blogs to large corporate and political sites.



Cargo Cult Websites

A cargo cult website is a site that has all the bells and whistles of a dynamic community facing website but might as well be hand coded HTML for all the difference it really makes. The sites that imitate other sites and wonder why they too are not earning billions. A fine example of Cargo Cult CMS is Drupal. It is an overweight and underpowered system that tries to incorporate every kind of template system and every kind of website type in order to summon the gods of cool websites, community or success.

Lordmatt.co.uk (2007). Articles>Content Management>Community Building>Drupal


Drupal Dude: A Site For Drupal Enthusiasts

The mission of this site is to help web site developers who are considering or using Drupal. Drupal is a very powerful content management system using php and mysql. There are hundreds of modules and themes available, but instructions for most of these are sparse. My goal is to help you with Drupal, its modules, and its themes.

Drupal Dude. Resources>Content Management>Software>Drupal


Drupal Has Terrible Access Control

After a week of fighting with it I have come to the conclusion that Drupal access control modules are all inadequate and are based on some weak database design. Taxonomy access and node access are flawed from the start. This type of access control where the assets are assigning their own internal security is not scalable and suffers from very high database overhead.

Hiveminds (2005). Articles>Content Management>Software>Drupal


Freebies and Downloads in Drupal 6: Part 1

In this article we will explore various ways of adding downloads to your web site to provide free content, or to deliver paid content to users. We will also discuss the automatic conversion of pages to PDF files, which your users can download to read or print.

Noble, Mark. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Software>Drupal


Freebies and Downloads in Drupal 6: Part 2

As you continue to work on your web site, you will find that many users want access to your content, even if they aren't online. With the Printer, email, and PDF module, you can easily and automatically provide content in various formats for offline usage.

Noble, Mark. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Adobe Acrobat>Drupal


The Ockham's Razor Principle of Content Management Systems

Unless we manage to make Drupal more accessible to new users and to get back to the basics, we'll find the ground shifting beneath our feet.

Buytaert, Dries. Poynter Online (2004). Articles>Content Management>Software>Drupal


Poor Database Design of Drupal Equals Low Performance

Drupal's database design is stupid! it sucks! it is crap! To things clearer I am talking about design errors. Yes, they do exist. Some say that design errors are the basic cause of bugs in a system. They are right. Rather than go through a bunch of queries or rather hundreds of queries, I will just say that the database design has no relational qualities that would optimize and speed up the system what so ever. This a glaring whole in the knowledge of the Development team so if you are a joiner and want to contribute to the project then think about helping them out with the database design first.

Drupal (2007). Articles>Content Management>Software>Drupal


Social Networks and Extending the User Profile in Drupal: Part 1

The term "social network" means different things to different people. However, the starting point of any network is the individuals within it. A user profile provides a place for site members to describe themselves, and for other site members to find out about them. In this article, we will examine how to create a user profile that is aligned with the goals of your site.

Fitzgerald, Bill. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Social Networking>Drupal


Social Networks and Extending the User Profile in Drupal: Part 2

Builds upon Part 1 of this article. The Content Profile module creates a new content type called Profile when it is enabled. By default, this content type is set to be used as a profile. We need to complete a few additional steps to make our profile fully functional.

Fitzgerald, Bill. Packt (2009). Articles>Content Management>Information Design>Drupal


What Does a Help Authoring Tool give you over Drupal?

Comparing Help Authoring Tools (HATs) with Drupal is like comparing apples with oranges. HATs are used by Technical Authors to create content in various formats for end users to read. Drupal is open-source software that is used to create websites for users such that they can contribute to the content (for example: blogs, personal or corporate websites, e-commerce sites and intranets). That said, if you are a HAT user and then have to work in Drupal, it is useful to be forewarned of the main differences.

Johnston, Carol. Cherryleaf (2010). Articles>Documentation>Software>Drupal

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