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Ad Conversion Rate Influenced by Time (Not Click Rate)

Time is an important design variable to understand. Your user experience is effected by it no matter what user experience you are serving up and the rules are different for every context. For example, the "three click rule" (users must get to their destination within three clicks) applies to e-commerce primarily but not to mortgage education, financial services usability or reading the New York Times online.

Spillers, Frank. Demystifying Usability (2004). Design>Web Design>User Experience>E Commerce


Building Trust on Ecommerce Home Pages

While the presence of many trust elements, aids, and cues throughout an ecommerce site contributes to customers’ perception of its trustworthiness, as UX designers, we can build greater trust by including and appropriately placing these identified trust elements on a site’s home page, as this article describes.

Kirmani, Shazeeye. UXmatters (2011). Articles>Web Design>User Experience>E Commerce


The Customer Sieve

We've learned that using a web site is a progressive process. Each user transitions from one stage to the next, as they work to accomplish their goal. The most pronounced transitions we've seen are on e-commerce sites. When we watch shoppers focusing on buying a product, we can clearly see each stage and when the transitions fail or succeed. By understanding the stages and how they work, we can learn a lot about building better sites.

User Interface Engineering (2002). Design>Web Design>User Experience>E Commerce


Ecommerce UX Trends: User Research Update

Our latest ecommerce research revealed user-experience improvements to shopping sites such as large product images, robust reviews, and easy discounts. New designs suffer from hidden product information, poor site feedback, and crowded customer-service areas.

Schade, Amy. Nielsen Norman Group (2014). Articles>Web Design>E Commerce>User Experience


Online Travel Booking: What Influences Consumers?

An overview of what influences consumers when booking a holiday and what travel companies can do to offer the best user experience.

Baxevanis, Alexander. Webcredible (2008). Articles>Web Design>User Experience>E Commerce


Power of Comparison: How It Affects Decision Making

People do not make judgments and decisions in a vacuum. They make them against a backdrop of available options. And a choice set—what the options are and how they relate to each other—is an important aspect of the context in which they make decisions.

Roller, Colleen. UXmatters (2011). Articles>Web Design>User Experience>E Commerce


Turning on the Lights in Your Online Business

Ecommerce websites are typically set up as if they were just glorified catalogs: a list of products, some pictures, brief descriptions, and an order form. No human interaction at all.

Oxer, Jonathan. Internet Vision Technologies (2007). Articles>Web Design>User Experience>E Commerce

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