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Build Up Links to Your Website

Link building is an essential part of any online marketing strategy. Learn how to in this article.

Moss, Trenton. Webcredible (2004). Design>Web Design>Marketing>Search Engine Optimization


The Importance of Google PageRank: A Guide For Small Business Executives

If you’ve spent time (or are simply curious) about online marketing, then the topic of search engine optimization (SEO) usually comes up. And, no discussion of search engine anything is complete these days without some mention of Google. This article provides a brief overview of how Google ranks search results with a look at their PageRank™ algorithm (a key component). I’m not a search engine expert (that’s the bad news). The good news is that I know enough to describe Google PageRank in relatively simple terms (such that you can impress your friends and family with your new-found knowledge).

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Introduction to Search Engine Optimization

This introduction to search engine optimization will outline some of the basic principles of SEO and explain how they can be used to improve your web pages' performance in search results.

Mercurytide (2007). Design>Web Design>Marketing>Search Engine Optimization


Optimize Your AdWords Campaigns

Both AdWords and YSM are much more complicated beasts than the old banner networks ever were, and coming to grips with them can be a bit of a headache.

Oxer, Jonathan. Internet Vision Technologies (2008). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Search Engine Optimization


SEO vs. SEM. 21 Experts Take a Position

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the process of pursuing a top rank for a website around specific keywords in a search engine’s unpaid or “organic” search results. Search Engine Marketing (SEM) focuses on purchasing ads that rank high and appear above or to the right.

Petersen, Rob. Barn Raisers (2013). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Search Engine Optimization

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