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Banner Blindness: Old and New Findings

Users rarely look at display advertisements on websites. Of the four design elements that do attract a few ad fixations, one is unethical and reduces the value of advertising networks.

Nielsen, Jakob. Alertbox (2007). Design>Web Design>Ethics>User Centered Design


Dark Patterns: Deception vs. Honesty in UI Design

Deception is entwined with life on this planet. Insects deceive, animals deceive, and of course, we human beings use deception to manipulate, control, and profit from each other. It’s no surprise, then, that deception appears in web user interfaces; what is surprising is how little we talk about it. All the guidelines, principles, and methods ethical designers employ to design usable websites can be subverted to benefit business owners at the expense of users. Study the dark side so you can take a stand against unethical web design practices and banish them from your work.

Brignull, Harry. List Apart, A (2011). Articles>Web Design>User Interface>Ethics


Ethics and the Internet

As the Internet permeates ever more domains of social and political, and even personal, life, and as its technological capabilities expand, the problem of Internet ethics will become ever more central, perhaps even more so than in 'ordinary' life.  The potential for abuse grows with use, as well as with technological power.

Ornatowski, Cezar M. Lore (2002). Articles>Web Design>Ethics


Ethics Online: Looking Toward the Future   (PDF)

As the profile of the average Internet user changes from academicians, scientists, and computer specialists and hackers to the general populace, the increased usage is beginning to show the weaknesses of the system and the vulnerabilities of its users. An ethical understanding of the issues can help to address concerns. Privacy and access are two main areas that must be explored as new codes of ethics are designed and implemented.

Turner, John R. STC Proceedings (1995). Articles>Web Design>Ethics


An Interest-ing Dilemma   (PDF)

A Web developer experiences uncertainty upon being asked to develop a site for a questionable start-up company.

Schroer-Motz, Leeanne. Intercom (2007). Articles>Web Design>Ethics


Is Google Advertising Evil?

Google's necessary focus on advertising can teach us a lot about playing the usability game. Specifically, this article will characterize a dilemma that is tied to Google's advice to publishers on how to place advertisements. The dilemma is resolved through usability, which in turn will teach us a lot about how to mix business and the user experience.

Rhodes, John S. uiGarden (2006). Articles>Web Design>Ethics>Search


Persuasion or Deception

When Ryanair and KPN designed their forms they could have designed them any way they wanted. So why did they choose for these specific options? In terms of transparancy there are solutions that are more clear. They do it because they want to change Paul’s behavior. Ryanair tries to trick him into buying a travel insurance and KPN does the same for 90 minutes WiFi. I think they are crossing an ethical line here.

Wobben, Stefan. StefanWobben.com (2010). Articles>Web Design>Forms>Ethics


Time to Close the Web?

The electronic privacy invasion points to the failure of site designers to provide compelling content, clear navigation, and a user experience memorable enough to entice repeat visits. Click-thru is more important than Content. We have opted to become Electronic Rapists.

Herrell, Alan. List Apart, A (2000). Design>Web Design>Ethics



Google是一个什么样的公司?对于大多数人来说,对这个问题的回答会是“搜索”。虽然说Google确实是一个关注搜索的公司,它却并不靠搜索来生存。与之相反,和其它公司一样,由利益来决定。并且就像John Gruber所指出的,它通过出售广告来生存。 这使得Google成为一家广告公司。这意义也许比你一开始猜测的要深远的多了。 不过让我们不要走得太远。让我们来谈一会儿可用性。我将要向您解释Google对于广告的必要关注可以让我们学到很多可用性的内容。更严格的讲,这篇文章将描述一个困境,一个与Google对于发布商如何防止广告的建议紧密相关的困境。可用性解决了这个困境,也因此告诉我们许多如何将商务与用户体验结合起来。

Rhodes, John S. uiGarden (2006). (Chinese) Articles>Web Design>Ethics>Search

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