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Access a MySQL Database Behind Firewalls with the LibMyWitch Control

Till now there was no efficient way to embed the access to the MySQL database into a VB application.

Richter, Dirk. VBMySQL.com (2004). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Database Templates with MySQL

Once you've built several MySQL databases, you'll learn some shortcuts to database design. Why stop there? Take this trick a step further and put together a generic database with a set of empty, standard tables. With a well-designed MySQL template, you can quickly assemble the basics of any database as needed. A template also allows you to focus on the more interesting aspects of a database project.

Dyer, Russell. O'Reilly and Associates (2004). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Databases: Step-by-Step Guides to Using Databases

This detailed, inclusive database tutorial is designed for beginners and those ready to dive in. Easy-to-understand definitions, real-world anecdotes, and concrete examples set this site apart from the others.

GeekGirl's. Design>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Generating and Hosting a SQL Server Reporting Services Report Using SQL Server 2005 Business Intelligence Development Studio

A step-by-step must read article on SQL 2005 Reporting Services which creates a report and hosts it on an intranet server.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASPAlliance (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Migrating from Microsoft SQL Server and Access to MySQL

In this article I will cover the basics of migrating an application from an Access or SQL Server database to MySQL. We'll start with various reasons why you should (or should not) migrate your existing Access or SQL Server database to MySQL, then cover the planning stages of an application migration. Next we will look at the tools and methods for migrating your actual data from Access/MSSQL to MySQL, followed by some general guidelines for modifying your client application from a Microsoft database to MySQL. Finally, we'll look at some considerations to make when deploying your new MySQL database and application.

Hillyer, Mike. MySQL (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Migrating from MS SQL Server 2008 to EnterpriseDB

With many database vendor products in the market and data intensive applications using them, it is often required to port the application to use the data or, migrate the data so that the application can use it. Migration of data is therefore one of the realities of the IT Industry. Some of the author's previous articles on migration can be found at the link.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2009). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


MobiLink Synchronization Wizard in SQL Anywhere 10

MobiLink is a technology that can help multiple databases synchronized, a key requirement for mobile access to data. The article shows you how to create a model that can be deployed to access data on a SLQ 2005 Server remotely with a SQL Anyhwhere database. A forth coming article descibes the deployment details.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASP Free (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


The NoSQL Ecosystem

Unlike most of the other projects in this book, NoSQL is not a tool, but an ecosystem composed of several complimentary and competing tools. The tools branded with the NoSQL monicker provide an alternative to SQL-based relational database systems for storing data. To understand NoSQL, we have to understand the space of available tools, and see how the design of each one explores the space of data storage possibilities.

Marcus, Adam. Architecture of Open Source Applications, The (2013). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Querying Databases in Microsoft SQL Server 2005

This hands-on tutorial should help you in understanding the interface available for querying MS SQL Server 2005 databases. Some of the major features will be discussed as related to their use rather than going into a lot of details. Querying the database is one of the most basic activities that is routinely and frequently performed.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. ASP Free (2006). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


SQL Functions

A function is a special type of command word in the SQL99 command set. In effect, functions are one-word commands that return a single value. The value of a function can be determined by input parameters, as with a function that averages a list of database values. But many functions do not use any type of input parameter.

Kline, Kevin and Daniel Kline. O'Reilly and Associates (2001). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


SQL Tuning   (PDF)

Even if the vast number of end users leads to high calculation loads outside the database, you can generally throw hardware at the application load (the load outside the database, that is), hanging as many application servers as necessary off the single central database.

Tow, Dan. O'Reilly and Associates (2001). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Synchronize MySQL Data Using SQLyog Job Agent

As MySQL developers, we are often required to keep two databases in complete sync with one another.

Chand, Karam. SitePoint (2004). Design>Information Design>Databases>SQL


VB.NET Application with SQL Anywhere 10 Database

This article by Jayaram Krishnswamy shows how you can develop a VB.NET 2.0 application using the integration features provided by the SQL Anywhere database. The SQL Anywhere tools are directly accessible without going out of the Visual Studio 2.O IDE. The article describes a window application with two examples developed with this easy to use integration interface.

Krishnaswamy, Jayaram. Packt (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL


Working With External Data Sources in FileMaker Pro 9

FileMaker 9 opens up ODBC data in a revolutionary way, via the new feature External SQL Data Source. You can work with external data in your FileMaker Pro solutions as if it is FileMaker Pro data.

Stars, Jonathan. FileMaker Advisor (2007). Articles>Information Design>Databases>SQL

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