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Conversation on Sound

Design can be more than meets the eyes. Denise Gonzales Crisp opens her ears to unfamiliar territory.

Crisp, Denise Gonzales. AIGA (2005). Design>Graphic Design>Multimedia>Audio


Graphical Design in TCO: Video and Animation   (PDF)

This report is intended to give an overview of graphical design in the technical communication field as it pertains to the areas of video and animation. The purpose of this report is to a) establish core knowledge areas, b) provide information to both students and professionals in TCO, c) demonstrate excellence in TCO at Mercer University, and d) help students decide on what internships and jobs they wish to pursue. This report includes a summary and background of the video and animation field, the methods by which the information was obtained, an organized presentation of the collected information, and a series of recommendations for those going into this field.

Davis, Marjorie T. and William H. Harris II. Mercer University (2002). Careers>Multimedia>Graphic Design

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