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A Field Guide to Technical SMEs   (PDF)

Although not rare birds in urban high-tech environments, technical subject matter experts (SMEs) are a fascinating species to observe—and a challenging breed for corporate communicators to manage. This tongue-in-cheek field guide identifies four common sub-species, and explains how to spot each by its distinctive markings and how to cope with its behaviors for companionable nesting.

Lange, Penny L. Intercom (2003). Careers>Writing>Technical Writing>SMEs


Writers Guidelines for SMEs

As a programmer or developer, the Subject Matter Expert is concerned about developing code that is bug free and serves the client's purpose. They need to have task wise in-depth technical orientation, which often results in having a limited perspective of the user requirement. But those who wish to swap into the technical writing arena are required to have an in-depth overview and analytical outlook of the user perspective and the project in its entirety. As a Technical Writer, the Subject Matter Expert has to understand the user's mindset. Identifying the target audience, producing a document that will answer their questions readily and meeting their expectations is no easy job.

Ravi, Suryakantham. Dot Net Spider (2005). Careers>Writing>Technical Writing>SMEs

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