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The Benefits and Pitfalls of Mentoring   (PDF)

A mentoring program encourages employees; can target potential managers and specific employees who need assistance; facilitates implementation of corporate strategies; requires a coordinator to administer the program, usually a person found within HR who spends no more than 1 day per week on mentoring activities.

Bailey, Elizabeth. STC Proceedings (2006). Careers>Mentoring>TC


Electronic Mentoring Benefits for Practicing Communicators   (PDF)

Electronic mentoring establishes relationships that might not otherwise exist. You have the opportunity to participate in professional community service, remain current on communication issues, and develop a future employment pool.

Stertzbach, Lori A. STC Proceedings (1996). Careers>Mentoring>TC


Mentoring Another Writer

Some thoughts on what it takes to effectively mentor another technical communicator.

DMN Communications (2008). Careers>Mentoring>TC>Technical Writing


Mentoring in Technical Communication   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

Reports on an online survey of 158 technical communication teachers who were asked about their experiences with mentoring. Finds a divergence between the academic mentor's experiences in mentoring and previously reported research on the protégée's mentoring experiences. Argues that risks are inherent in mentoring and proposes a new model that acknowledges them.

Zimmerman, Beverly B., Paul Danette and Katherine Cook Pritchard. Technical Communication Online (2009). Careers>TC>Mentoring


Mentorship Days

The Mentorship program organized by the STC India chapter 2009 has been quite an enriching experience. This is the first time that I volunteered for a mentor role. It contributed immensely to my professional growth as a mentor, and, most importantly, I am happy to be of some help to a fellow writer's success.

Gupta, Rajdeep. Indus (2009). Careers>Mentoring>TC>India

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