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Developing Mentoring Programs for Technical Writers

Technical writers can benefit greatly from mentoring relationships. Effective mentorships can benefit both individual technical communicators by furthering their self-development and careers, and they benefit their organization by enhancing morale and productivity.

Agile Docs (2012). Careers>Education>Mentoring


Training Techniques for Interns/New Hires in Information Technology   (PDF)

This paper provides discussion and recommendations for designing and implementing an internship program for undergraduate students majoring in the computer science and/or information technology arenas. These same techniques can also be used to acclimate new hires to the technological environment within your company. The paper uses the internship program used by IBM’s Disbursements Application Support area (i.e., payroll and travel) as a reference and also discusses the importance of having enterprise-wide support in supporting interns and new hires. Throughout this paper, “intern” and “new hire” can be used interchangeably. Topics discussed in this paper include 1) Campus interviewing, 2) Assignment of technical mentors, and 3) Sample code for selected applications.

Maggiore, Jim. STC Proceedings (2002). Careers>Education>Mentoring

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