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Women and Children Last: The Discursive Construction of Weblogs

As yet there has been little empirical examination of the claim that blogs are 'democratic,' or that blog authors represent diverse demographic groups.

Herring, Susan C., Inna Kouper, Lois Ann Scheidt and Elijah L. Wright. Into the Blogosphere (2004). Articles>Web Design>Writing>Blogging


WordPress as a Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Application

I'm amazed at how easily people can make sites look both professional and functional in a short period of time using WordPress. Clyde Parson, the STC-Suncoast chapter in Tampa, just redid the Suncoast STC with a new WordPress theme. It looks pretty cool.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2008). Articles>Content Management>Blogging>WordPress


Review: Writer River

Tom Johnson set up Writer River as a way to allow anyone (with an account) to post links to interesting blog posts and articles. The website has been running for a whlie now and continues to provide links to useful and topical articles.

McLean, Gordon. One Man Writes (2009). Articles>Reviews>Social Networking>Blogging


Writing is Harder Than You Think

There's an enormous difference between blogging and being able to string a few words together and being able to write documentation or marketing material. I see this attitude a lot, that "anybody can write" and it's totally false.

Brockmeier, Joe. Dissociated Press (2006). Articles>Writing>Business Communication>Blogging


Writing With Web Logs

In many ways, blogs combine the best elements of portfolio-driven courses, where student work is collected, edited, and assessed, with the immediacy of publishing for a virtual audience.

Kennedy, Kristen. Tech Learning (2004). Articles>Writing>Education>Blogging


The Year of the Blog: Weblogs in the Writing Classroom

While blogs (short for 'weblogs') have been around since at least 1993, something in the stars and planets has just now come into alignment, making blogs rise above the horizon of notice.

Computers and Composition (2004). Articles>Web Design>Writing>Blogging


You Blog, We Blog: A Guide to How Teacher-Librarians Can Use Weblogs to Build Communication and Research Skills

The global reach of the World Wide Web helps create connections between many people with diverse opinions and interests. This strength, combined with the ease of publishing to the Web when compared to traditional publishing endeavors, and the ability to reach a large audience have fostered a phenomenon known as weblogs.

Embrey, Theresa Ross. Techer Librarian (2002). Articles>Writing>Education>Blogging


You've Got Blog

Blogs often consist of links to articles that readers might otherwise have missed, and thus make for informative reading.

Mead, Rebecca. RebeccaMead.com (2000). Articles>Writing>Online>Blogging



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