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Academic and Practitioner Perspectives on Essential Works in Technical Communication  (link broken)   (PDF)

As I began to create categories for a list collected from many academics and practitioners, I discovered a dramatic difference in the works valued by the two groups. While some works were valued by both practitioners and academics, I also found a clear dividing line between works recommended by academics and those recommended by practitioners.

Alred, Gerald J. ATTW Bulletin (2005). Resources>Bibliographies>Technical Writing


Allgemeine Bücher zur Technischen Dokumentation

Liste empfehlenswerter Bücher zum Thema Technische Dokumentation, Technische Kommunikation und Technisches Schreiben. Schwerpunkt Erstellung von Benutzerhandbüchern und Online-Hilfen.

Achtelig, Marc. indoition engineering. (German) Books>Bibliographies


An Annotated List of Interaction/Web Design Resources, Books and Websites

This list provides resources about web design, usability, and related topics.

Berkun, Scott. UIWeb (2001). Resources>Bibliographies>User Interface>Usability


ATTW Bibliography (1997)   (members only)

In the 1997 bibliography, I’ve included all the categories of the taxonomy, even if the contributors have submitted no entries in a given section. Several users informed me that they prefer to see the entire taxonomy since doing so facilitates their research; thus it seemed wise to return to our original list of sections. This year, we have added quite a few new sources; all are noted on the list of works consulted at the end of this bibliography. We have expanded in the areas of health, risk, and environmental communication publications; we continue last year’s trend of fewer entries in editing, revision, and the general writing aspect of the profession. No new categories have been added.

ATTW (1997). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (1998)   (members only)

The ATTW Bibliography is at a point of transition with a new editor and a request from the ATTW Executive Committee to publish an online version of the bibliography on the ATTW Web site. In the next few months, the bibliography committee plans to focus on the design and content of an online bibliography. The goal is to build a bibliography that provides easy and up-to-date access to technical communication resources.

ATTW (1998). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (1999)   (members only)

The bibliography committee began the year with three goals: (1) explore the development of an online database for the bibliography, (2) survey members of ATTW at the annual meeting, and (3) continue to publish the annual bibliography in TCQ.

ATTW (1999). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (2000)   (members only)

Committee members since 1975 have reviewed periodicals and books for discussions of technical communication issues to build the bibliography to a significant resource for technical communication.

ATTW (2000). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (2001)   (members only)

Each year a committee of technical communication teachers and researchers review journals and books for work important to our activities. This year two graduate students joined the committee.

ATTW (2001). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


ATTW Bibliography (2002)  (link broken)

Members of ATTW refer to the bibliography because it 'focuses on resources specific to technical communication.' Several members noted that they find the paper copy easier to use than online databases; others use the pdf version found on the ATTW website. Members also noted that it is a good reference for graduate students. Several members pointed out weaknesses in the bibliography that the committee continues to struggle with.

ATTW (2002). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


Background on SGML

Educational materials on SGML fall into three broad categories. An evaluative abstract is available for each item on the chart.

Girill, T.R. OSTI (1994). Resources>Bibliographies>SGML


The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing

We hope that this online version of The Bedford Bibliography for Teachers of Writing will be an efficient reference tool. In the future, we will be able to update the online version more frequently. Moreover, we will provide direct links when possible between bibliographic entries and online versions of the resources themselves. Note that we include annotated listings for six online journals. To go directly to the World Wide Web page for one of these journals, simply click on the highlighted address (URL) given immediately after its title.

Bizzell, Patricia, Bruce Herzberg and Nedra Reynolds. Bedford-St. Martin's (2003). Resources>Bibliographies>Education>Writing


Bibliographie Informationsdesign

Zur Entwicklung seiner Anliegen nimmt IIID weltweit Kontakte mit Informations-Designern, Beratungsorganisationen und Forschungsinstituten, Universitäten, kommerziellen Unternehmen und design-fördernden Institutionen auf. Organisation des jährlich stattfindenden Symposiums 'Vision Plus' und Veröffentlichung der dort gehaltenen Präsentationen.

Freenet.de. (German) Resources>Bibliographies>Information Design


Bibliography for Performance Systems Technology and Computer-based Instruction   (peer-reviewed)

Bibliographies which serve as companions to the two-part article by Reece which appears in the August and November 2000 issues of the Journal of Computer Documentation.

Reece, Gloria A. Journal of Computer Documentation (2000). Resources>Bibliographies>Education


Bibliography for Rhetoric, Composition, and Professional Communication  (link broken)

This bibliography contains citations for over 7,600 articles and books dealing with issues related to rhetoric, composition, professional communication, and associated topics, such as linguistics, psychology, and philosophy.

Thune, W. Scott. Iowa State University. Resources>Bibliographies>Rhetoric


Bibliography of Articles on the History of Technical Writing   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

This collection of thirty-six articles exposes the problem and the promise of historical research in technical writing. The central problem is that historical research in technical writing has too often been focused only on celebrated authors or scientists as technical writers. The central promise contained in some very recent essays is that historical research in technical communications is beginning to consider the slow evolution of technical communication taking place across a broad spectrum of both celebrated and uncelebrated writers. This historical approach, though more difficult to carry out, is immensely more accurate and meaningful.

Brockmann, R. John. Journal of Technical Writing and Communication (1983). Resources>Bibliographies>Technical Writing>History


A Bibliography of Basic Texts in Technical And Scientific Writing

Instruction in writing beyond the freshman level takes a variety of forms, all of which may be thought of as 'advanced' composition. One of the best established forms and one that shows all signs of continuing growth is technical writing. Although some teachers of traditional advanced composition may blanche at the comparison, I believe it helpful to take the relationship seriously. Technical writing is a form of advanced composition that relies upon well defined audiences and writer-roles, and that addresses itself to specific purposes found in industrial, manufacturing, research and development, and other bureaucratic and technological contexts. It is its specificity that makes technical writing distinct, but, like all advanced composition, its general function is to help students muster their linguistic and rhetorical resources to have effects on readers.

Miller, Carolyn R. JAC (1982). Resources>Bibliographies>TC


Bibliography of Works on Scientific Writing

The compilation of bibliographies is at best an inexact science. Since the literature on scientific writing is both vast and diverse, I've tried to narrow this list down to those works which answer two basic questions: 'What are the distinguishing characteristics of scientific writing?' and 'How do scientists learn the norms and style of scientific writing?'

Carpenter, Harrison. University of Colorado. Resources>Bibliographies>Scientific Communication


Books on Technical Documentation in General

List of recommendable books on technical documentation, on technical communication, and on technical writing with a focus on writing user manuals and online help.

Achtelig, Marc. indoition engineering. Books>Bibliographies


Composition and Rhetoric Bibliographic Database

Welcome to the home page of the Composition & Rhetoric Bibliographic Database project. Citations from journals and books in composition and rhetoric studies have been archived in both EndNote and Refer/BibIX bibliographic formats.

Honeycutt, Lee. Iowa State University (2001). Resources>Bibliographies>Rhetoric



An ongoing online index of twentieth-century publications in post-secondary composition, rhetoric, ESL, and technical writing.

Haswell, Rich. CompPile. Resources>Bibliographies>Rhetoric>Technical Writing


Computer Supported Collaborative Work Bibliography

This is a gateway to the bibliographic database on CSCW and related topics which is maintained at the Applied Informatics and Distributed Systems Group at Technische Universität München. The database contains basic bibliographic data, links to online versions of the references, and sometimes even abstracts or annotations.

CSCW. Resources>Bibliographies>Collaboration


Computers and Composition Bibliography  (link broken)

A bibliography of writings in computers and composition. The citations come from Hawisher, Gail E.; LeBlanc, Paul; Moran, Charles; & Selfe, Cynthia L. (1996).

Computers and Composition (2000). Resources>Bibliographies>Writing



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