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Accessible Online Video for Keyboard-Only Users

Sorted out transcripts and subtitles to make your online videos accessible? This is important, but there are other accessibility considerations which are often overlooked. Here are some other things you must consider.

Moss, Trenton. Webcredible (2009). Articles>Accessibility>Video>Web Design


Comparison of High Definition Web Video Formats

After the sad demise of Stage6.com I was looking for the best format for publishing high definition videos (specifically 960x540) using free tools or those I already own such as Sony Vegas Pro or On2 Flix Pro.I tried a few options and below are 5 contenders for comparison.

Bubble Vision (2007). Articles>Web Design>Video>High Definition


Converting a Photoshop Mockup (Part 1 of 3)

In this first-ever video podcast, I start the conversion process of an Adobe Photoshop mockup of a website, into a real live CSS based website.

Coyier, Chris. CSS Tricks (2009). Articles>Web Design>Video>Screencasts


Decoding the HTML 5 Video Codec Debate

The HTML 5 video element has the potential to liberate streaming Internet video from plugin prison, but a debate over which codec to define in the standard is threatening to derail the effort. Ars takes a close look at the HTML 5 codec controversy and examines the relative strengths and weaknesses of H.264 and Ogg Theora.

Paul, Ryan. Ars Technica (2009). Articles>Web Design>Video>HTML5


Efficient Video Delivery Over The Internet

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. In this day and age of digital media, video on your web site can be priceless. Whether you have a corporate, social networking, or video streaming site, video instantly captures your visitor’s attention and describes your product and services quickly and effectively. Due to its large install base, Flash video is now the de-facto standard in internet video delivery. With recent updates to Flash 9, Flash Player adds the capability of playing H264 encoded video in full screen mode, making the delivery of Flash videos on the internet not only practical, but efficient as well. In this article, I will examine a few different techniques for delivering Flash videos over the internet and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Zhu, Lei. Digital Web Magazine (2008). Articles>Web Design>Streaming>Video


From the Mouth of a Screenreader

Talks about the history of screen reading software and how they analyse what is displayed on the screen in order to speak it to the user.

Geoffray, Doug. Yahoo (2007). Articles>Web Design>Accessibility>Video


How to Embed Video on a Web Page

To embed video on a web page, you don’t need to upload your video to youtube, vimeo, or some other video sharing service. A lot of times in a corporate setting, uploading your videos to a third-party site isn’t appropriate or allowed. Does this mean you have to resign yourself to a basic WMV output that opens up in the Windows Media Player? No. You can grab the embed code from Camtasia Studio’s html output and copy it to a custom page to embed your video.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2010). Articles>Web Design>Streaming>Video


How to Produce a Two-Person Video Blog Post

We've produced a handful of bloggingheads video posts the past few months, sometimes resulting in polite golf claps. Afterward, a common question has been: how do you do them? Here's a 9-step tutorial. On a Mac, the technology is pretty simple. If you're on a PC, sorry, we can't help.

McConnell, Ben. Church of the Customer (2009). Articles>Web Design>Video>Podcasting


How to Select Your Web Conferencing Tool

New conferencing and collaboration solutions are being announced at the pace of one or more tools per week. New versions and upgrades are promoted even more frequently, and in this avalanche of "this is the best, don't look anywhere else" claims, it is hard to distinguish the good from the average. How should you select your web conferencing tool? Which companies are more reliable and how do you find out? How can you be sure you will not be disappointed? These are tough questions to answer, as there are a million vendors out there and an army of supposed experts all claiming to have the best solution while offering different ones.

Good, Robin. Communication World Bulletin (2004). Articles>Web Design>Videoconferencing>Software


HTML 5 and Web Video: Freeing Rich Media from Plugin Prison

DailyMotion and Google are both experimenting with the HTML 5 video element and have strongly endorsed standards-based solutions for deploying video on the Web. Ars takes a close look at the state of open video and explores both the benefits and challenges of liberating rich media from the proprietary plugin prison.

Paul, Ryan. Ars Technica (2009). Articles>Web Design>Video>HTML5


Making Choices: Video on the Web

Do you want to present your media in Real, QuickTime, or Windows Media format? Each format has its own strengths and weaknesses. We use QuickTime at the J-School because of its high quality, wide compatibility, and low cost (free). Because all Macs support QuickTime creation and playback natively, and because iMovie and Final Cut Pro generate QuickTime by default, QuickTime is an especially convenient choice if most of your media is generated on Macintosh computers, as it is in many media production environments. The choice of format you use for a given project will probably be determined by the publication you're working for. Be sure to find out in what format media is expected before you enter the final phases of production.

Hacker, Scot. University of California Berkeley (2006). Articles>Web Design>Video


Pick the Perfect HTML5 Video Player for Your Site

There’s no question that HTML5 video is at the forefront of the web’s migration to HTML5. Unfortunately converting your site’s video to HTML5 is a little more complicated than just dropping in the video tag. To help you out developer Philip Bräunlich has put together a great chart of 19 different HTML5 video player solutions. The chart breaks down each player, covering options like whether or not there’s a Flash fallback for older browsers, if keyboard shortcuts are supported, how easy it is to theme and use, and what license the code is available under.

Gilbertson, Scott. WebMonkey (2011). Articles>Web Design>Video>HTML5


The Rise of Flash Video, Part 1

Nobody really expected the stranglehold that Apple, Microsoft and Real had on the web streaming market in 2003 to be broken. Yet by Spring 2005, just 18 months after that presentation, that is exactly what had happened. Those three web video delivery technologies practically vanished, replaced almost entirely by Flash Video. This is not to say QuickTime and Windows Media are dead technologies. They aren’t by a long shot, but when it comes to putting video on the web, the Flash Player has rapidly become the only game in town.

Green, Tom. Digital Web Magazine (2006). Articles>Web Design>Video>Standards


Searching for Online Video

Although Google has been grabbing headlines with the announcement of its forthcoming Google Video Store, many other services let you search for and view many types of video online.

Price, Gary. Search Engine Watch (2006). Articles>Web Design>Search>Video


Shooting Web Video: How to Put Your Readers at the Scene

Freelance writers, bloggers and independent journalists yearning to use video on the Internet, grab your PDAs. Use these tips to help you begin shooting and editing your own Web video stories.

McCombs, Regina. Online Journalism Review (2005). Articles>Web Design>Streaming>Video


Using Cable Access to Learn Video Production   (PDF)

Today's information seeker wants instant enlightenment--at the push of a button. And, thanks to TV-conditioning, s/he wants it packaged with action, sound, and pizzazz—like an episode of 'Nova.' The national information superhighway will provide the delivery vehicle for information in video format. You and I will provide the material—if we know how to produce it. Our demonstration will include television programs produced by Dallas STC members and explain how you can learn videography at your local public access facility.

McWilliams Johnson, Mary. STC Proceedings (1994). Articles>Web Design>Streaming>Video


Web Video Compression

Nowadays, broadband connections are widespread amongst the internet. Finally, video can be effectively added to website. But which player and video codec to go for? And how to get your video out there? This article features some tips and tricks for compressing and delivering video to the web.

Wijering, Jeroen. JeroenWijering.com (2008). Articles>Web Design>Video>Standards

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