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BlockShopper v. Jones Day: The Right of Web Sites to Link

Cases that have addressed links and copyright dealt with the permissibility of "deep linking"—linking to a page other than the home page—which, of course, is indeed permitted. Ticketmaster famously lost a lawsuit against Tickets.com about just this. But that case was about copyright infringement; by making a trademark claim instead, Jones Day opened up another legal avenue.

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Internet Advertising and the Law

The Internet is a new marketing frontier where the rules and regulations are rapidly evolving. Governments throughout the world aim to redress this imbalance by providing protection to their citizens through laws and regulations which control the use of advertising.

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Protect Your Web Site from Legal Land Mines   (PDF)

This article explains how regular legal audits can keep your company Web site on the right side of the law.

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Reviewing Your Website for Legal Landmines   (PDF)

Establishing an e-commerce website without having had that site reviewed for legal landmines is a potentially devastating lawsuit waiting to happen. Every e-commerce website simply must be reviewed for such vital issues as copyright ownership, trademark and domain name issues, legal notices, disclaimers and terms of use, and privacy policies.probable, that your site and your company are infringing on someone's copyright of that content. Copyright infringement is serious business, carrying penalties that range from $750 to $150,000 per violation. Know the source of your website content and whether

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