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The Effect of Informative, Intriguing, and Generic Hyperlink Wording on Web Browsing Behavior   (PDF)

This paper presents a study of the effect of informative, intriguing, and generic hyperlink wording on Web browsing behavior. The study was administered via the Web using a modified naturally occurring informational Web site. Link wording was varied in both the navigation menu and links embedded in the text. Data about participants' browsing behavior were logged with PHP scripts, and demographics, perceptions, and comprehension were measured through a post-browsing survey. Data from the study are being analyzed and will be presented at the conference.

Evans, Mary B., Carolyn Wei, Matt Eliot, Jen Barrick, Brandon Maust, and Jan H. Spyridakis. STC Proceedings (2004). Articles>Web Design>Diction>Hypertext