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Another Usability Tool: Marketing   (PDF)

Discusses how working closely with marketing can improve usability.

Swartz, Andrew. Serco (2005). Articles>Usability>Collaboration>Marketing


Breaking Down the Silos: Usability Practitioners Meet Marketing Researchers

I often find that client companies keep two disciplines locked up in separate silos—usability research within IT and marketing research within the Marketing Services department. This can have a serious impact on the sharing of information relating to customer experience.

Kozatch, David. UXmatters (2008). Articles>Usability>Marketing>Collaboration


Care to Invest in Usability?

Making decisions regarding your investments is difficult, even during the best of times, and it is interesting to look at the reasons and drivers behind 'putting your money where your mouth is'. Usability, I believe, is a key part of the investment decision process. In an increasingly complex and technological world, a lot of people are perusing, gathering, and analyzing financial information using the internet. This is often the key material that helps people make their investment decisions in one particular way or another. 

Harrison, Nick. WebWord (2001). Articles>Usability>Marketing


Email Newsletters: Surviving Inbox Congestion

Newsletter usability has increased since our last study, but the competition for users' attention has also grown with the ever-increasing glut of information.

Nielsen, Jakob. Alertbox (2006). Articles>Usability>Marketing>Email


Testing the Sizzle of the Steak: Usability Testing of Packaging   (PDF)

Provides the rationale for usability testing the packaging of high-tech products, including lowered support costs, improved customer satisfaction, and increased sales.

Rosenbaum, Stephanie L. and Janice Anne Rohn. Tec-Ed, Inc. (1997). Articles>Usability>Marketing


Think Like a Five-Year Old

Most children go through a phase in which everything in their surrounding environment is met with simple question: "Why?" I would contend that those of us in the social space could better help our clients if we all thought a little more like a five-year old.

O'Connor, T.J. New Marketing Labs (2010). Articles>Social Networking>Marketing>Usability


Trends in Online Advertising

Regular web users will almost certainly be aware of an increasing amount of ‘invasive’ advertising appearing online. A variety of methods are now being used to make online advertising almost unavoidable for the user.

Farrell, Tom. Frontend Infocentre (2001). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Usability


The Two-Headed Coin: Usability and Market Research   (PDF)

Tracks the importance of usability and market research by following a typical project through each stage of development.

Bunker, Gary. Intercom (2006). Articles>Usability>Marketing


Usability and Branding: How to Make or Break Usability Conventions to Create Brand Identity

It has long been acknowledged in the study of usability, that the usability of a product affects the associated brand identity. While study of usability is universal to any product design, it has sprung up with the advent of the world wide web. It is becoming more important of individuals and institutions to establish a strong on-line identity for themselves or their products.

Content Matters (2006). Articles>Web Design>Marketing>Usability

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