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Businesses not as Keen on Blogs and Wikis? We Had a Hunch

Despite all the excitement in the technical communications community over Web 2.0 technologies like wikis and blogs, it looks like companies are still reluctant to tie the knot for a variety of reasons.

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Contributing to Wikis: A Useful Activity for Novice Tech Writers?

In this post, technical writer Milan Davidovic that contributing to wikis can help novices build skills and a portfolio. And he offers a simple roadmap for doing that effectively.

Davidovic, Milan. DMN Communications (2009). Articles>TC>Technical Writing>Wikis


Going from Word to Wiki: A Few Thoughts

An overview of how one technical communicator moved a Word document to a wiki, and some of the issues involved.

DMN Communications (2008). Articles>TC>Wikis>Microsoft Word


Teaching Technical Communication with Wikis

Wiki technology creates opportunities for students in technical communication courses to gain experience with web design, writing for the web, and open-ended projects. As tools for collaborative learning, they also develop students’ project management skills and teamwork abilities. This article discusses the affordances, pedagogical foundations, and practical benefits of teaching with wikis, and suggests ways that technical communication instructors might incorporate this technology into their courses.

Scott, Jennifer Bracken. Xchanges (2010). Articles>Education>TC>Wikis


This is the Future of Technical Communication

In the absence of safety concerns, I think that accuracy must win. Thus, as the information curator, you have a responsibility to correct inaccurate information. If the inaccuracy is truly dangerous, you may need to edit the post directly. Make sure that you disclosure what you've done with brackets.

O'Keefe, Sarah S. Palimpsest (2009). Articles>TC>Technical Writing>Wikis

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