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22 Things STC Does for Communities

22 things STC is doing for our chapter. This list provides a detailed education on the relationship between Society and our chapter.

Buttram, Diana. Carolina Communique (2009). Articles>TC>Standards


The Issue of Archiving and Obsolescence

We can be almost certain that CDs will be obsolete in about five years. But what should we do about it?

Pinkham, Gordon. MetroVoice (2004). Articles>TC>Technology>Standards


A Quick Look Inside Standards for Technical Communication   (PDF)

Learn about different types of standards and STC's role in producing and promoting standards for technical communication.

Reilly, Annette D. Intercom (2006). Articles>TC>Standards


Results of a Study Into Establishing Guidelines for English-Language International Technical Documentation

Recommends that INTECOM set up a working group to further research technical communicators' preferences and then establish guidelines.

Blicq, Ronald S. TC-FORUM (2000). Articles>TC>Standards


Society for Technical Communications tries to define Technical Communicator and Fails

Maybe the confusion that surrounds the STC is its inability to define who it serves. Maybe the STC is trying to drum up support and be more inclusive.

Walsh, Ivan. I Heart Tech Docs (2009). Articles>TC>Standards>STC


Standards: A Strategic Business Issue

Are you overlooking a strategic business issue? You may be, if you are not involved in the development of standards that may impact your business.

Printing Impressions (2007). Articles>TC>Standards

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