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Review: BAM! (Business Activity Monitoring)

BAM es el acrónimo de Business Activity Monitoring (Monitorización de la Actividad de Negocio), un campo emergente que promete incrementar la competitividad y la toma rápida de decisiones bien informadas, en la que la visualización de información tendrá un rol importante.

Dursteler, Juan Carlos. InfoVis (2003). (Spanish) Articles>Reviews>Software


Review: Build Your Own Standards Compliant Website Using Dreamweaver 8

Rachel Andrew’s book is quite unconventional. Why? It takes Adobe’s Dreamweaver, the most-popular WYSIWYG web page IDE, and takes it on a long, hard-coding drive to create standards-compliant websites. Suffice to say, this book is intended for an intermediate to advanced-skilled audience.

Regnard. Standard Web Standards (2006). Articles>Reviews>Software>Dreamweaver


Review: Challenging the Presentation Paradigm: Prezi

Coming from a little start-up in Hungary, Prezi is a web app (Flas/Flex based) that lets you author and deliver what they call “zooming presentations.” The description is apt, as Prezi presentations aren’t actually based on a the traditional linear slide model. Instead, Prezi embraces a zooming user interface model in which blocks of content are arranged contextually in relation to other blocks of content – and the user can zoom in and out of the content, alternating between a “big picture” view and a “detail” view.

Watrall, Ethan. Prof Hacker (2009). Articles>Reviews>Presentations>Software


Review: Cladonia Exchanger XML Editor 3.2

Having spent some time working with Cladonia's Exchanger XML Editor, I can attest to the claim that this is a good, solid, well-featured and extensible XML editor. However, the software is not suitable for authoring documents. It is designed for working with XML data in many forms, but it is not designed for textual content. Let me explain.

Self, Tony. HyperWrite (2006). Articles>Reviews>Software>XML


Review: Degunking Microsoft Office

Degunking Microsoft Office, by Christina Palaia and Wayne Palaia, addresses the problem of anything that slows down the computer, interferes with your operations, crashes applications, or loses data, and presents some ways of avoiding it.

Delwood, Robert. STC Houston (2006). Articles>Reviews>Software>Microsoft Word


Review: DENIM, del Lápiz a la Web

El diseño de sitios web suele empezar con bosquejos hechos con papel y lápiz. Denim convierte directamente los diagramas que salen de una tableta gráfica o del dibujo con el ratón en prototipos de sitios web funcionales.

Dursteler, Juan Carlos. InfoVis (2003). (Spanish) Articles>Reviews>Software>Web Design


Review: DITA Open Toolkit GUI

I just spent some time playing with this tool and find it a clean, quick alternative to the more complex Echidna/WinANT tool. DITAOT-GUI provides a simple interface, allowing users to select a map, DITAVAL filter, output location and output type. It bypasses the need to create a build file but therefore does not allow the use of parameters and properties to specify additional aspects of the build.

Soltys, Keith. Core Dump (2010). Articles>Reviews>Software>DITA


Review: Grafos

Los grafos son la representación natural de las redes, en las que estamos cada vez más incluidos. Exploramos qué son los grafos, para qué sirven y algunas reglas para dibujarlos bien.

Dursteler, Juan Carlos. InfoVis (2004). (Spanish) Articles>Reviews>Software>Technical Illustration


Review: Help Authoring Tool Comparison

Matthew Ellison presented a number of excellent sessions at this conference. His Friday session was called “Help Authoring Tool Comparison”. He discussed what a help authoring tool (HAT) can do for us as technical writers, then did a detailed comparison of a few popular tools.

Maddox, Sarah. ffeathers (2010). Articles>Reviews>Software>Help


Review: MadCap Flare and the RoboHelp Saga

This article is a review of presentations that Mike Hamilton gave at the Berkeley and East Bay STC chapters in December 2006. Hamilton also gave a presentation about MadCap Flare at the San Francisco chapter in August 2006.

Lufkin, Patrick. STC San Francisco (2007). Articles>Reviews>Software>Madcap Flare


Review: PowerPoint, ¿Anatema o Bendición?

La mayoría de las presentaciones usan PowerPoint en su vertiente más fácil, muchas transparencias llenas de listas de puntos. Muchos ponentes, encima, se limitan a recitarlas. Pero con PowerPoint es posible también salirse del camino trillado y hacer presentaciones que consiguen su objetivo: comunicar claramente un mensaje.

Dursteler, Juan Carlos. InfoVis (2003). (Spanish) Articles>Reviews>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Review: Review of Cladonia Exchanger XML Editor

This article is a review of the Exchanger XML Editor version 3.2 from the Cladonia company. Being such a broad field, the XML Editor category is necessarily far-reaching, and can cover both database management systems and authoring tools. For this reason, this review narrows the scope by looking at the suitability of Exchanger for use by technical communicators and Help authors to create and edit manuals, user guides and Help systems. Much of the focus of this article is therefore on the software's suitability for DocBook or DITA authoring, and its appropriateness for users without coding skills.

Self, Tony. WritersUA (2006). Articles>Reviews>Software>XML


Review: Review of Desktop Screen Recording Tools

Screencasting to help your mom is a software buying guide to help you choose the right software for screen capture and for screencasting or recording movies of your desktop screen activity.

Agarwal, Shaijila and Monika Mital. Digital Inspiration (2005). Articles>Reviews>Software>Screencasting


Review: A Review of Free, Online Accessibility Tools

This article reviews eight, free, online web accessibility tools and examines the general characteristics of accessibility tools. The review provides a comparison between tools, and offers suggestions as to which tool would be appropriate for each of the following audiences: web designers, web developers and web evaluators.

Blair, Peter. WebAIM (2004). Articles>Reviews>Accessibility>Software


Review: A Review of RoboHelp Office 2002

This is the first in a series of articles that builds into a personal review of RoboHelp Office 2002. This first article introduces the new release and discusses Topic Templates, Headers and Footers, and the new MS Word Import capability.

Ellison, Matthew. WritersUA (2002). Articles>Reviews>Software>Adobe RoboHelp


Review: Review of Screen Capture Tools

Describes the important attributes of a capture tool and examines and compares the features of five popular products.

Ellison, Matthew. WritersUA (2005). Articles>Reviews>Software>Screen Captures


Review: Review of Screen Capture Tools

This article describes the process of capturing screens and reviews some of the leading capture tools available. It is revised annually to take account of new releases, and was last updated in February 2009.

Ellison, Matthew. WritersUA (2009). Articles>Reviews>Software>Screen Captures


Review: A Review of the Balsamiq Mockups wireframing application

This is a review for Balsamiq Mockups. This is a reasonably-priced application for creating wireframes that is easy to learn and use suitable for smaller projects. Creating interactive prototypes out of Balsamiq wireframes is now possible with the release of another application called Napkee. This review talks talks about: Balsamiq Mockup specifications; Balsamiq’s distinct visual character and how it work both in favor and against Balsamiq being adopted by users; Pros and cons of the application; and a conclusion with a recommendation on who should use and what to use Balsamiq Mockups for.

Rautela, Abhay. Cone Trees (2009). Articles>Reviews>Software>User Interface


Review: Teaching Yourself Adobe GoLive 4.0   (PDF)

Reviews Adobe GoLive 4.0 Classroom in a Book, and Adobe GoLive 4.0 for Macintosh and Windows: Visual QuickStart Guide.

Wallia, C.J.S. Intercom (2000). Articles>Reviews>Software>Adobe GoLive


Review: TechScribe STE Term Checker

A review of a free vocabulary checking tool for ASD-STE100 (Simplified Technical English).

Muegge, Uwe. (2013). Articles>Reviews>Software>Controlled Vocabulary


Review: TUAW Faceoff: Screencasting

Screencasting -- the not-so-ancient art of recording the computer screen for the entertainment and enrichment of others -- has evolved into quite a Hydra of options. How do the myriad gladiators in this arena stack up? I've tried everything I could find that could record a little movement on the screen, and selected 8 contenders for the matchup.

TUAW (2008). Articles>Reviews>Software>Screencasting


Review: Twelve Screencasting Tools For Creating Video Tutorials

Ever wondered how people show you so clearly what is happening on their computer, like in the Photoshop Video Tutorials we shared with you? Thanks to screencasting software, anyone can do it. So what’s stopping you now from making your own how-to videos? Try out one of these 12 tools and get to making your first video!

Aune, Sean P. Mashable (2009). Articles>Reviews>Software>Screencasting


Review: Visualización de Redes Sociales

Las redes sociales son las responsables de muchas de las estructuras de poder e influencia en nuestro mundo. No siempre es fácil reconocer su estructura y comportamiento. La visualización y el análisis de redes sociales pueden contribuir notablemente a conocerlas.

Dursteler, Juan Carlos. InfoVis (2003). (Spanish) Articles>Reviews>Software>Technical Illustration


Review: XMLmind XML Editor v3.0

XMLmind is a great introductory tool for technical writers entering the world of structured authoring and DocBook. It successfully hides the esoterics of XML markup from the author, so that the focus can be on the words, rather than the code. At no cost (yes, absolutely free) for the Standard edition, and USD220 for a single user licence for the Professional Edition, XMLmind offers excellent value. The software is available for Linux, Windows and Mac. There are two main problems with XMLmind XML Editor: it does not currently support DITA schemas, and it does not incorporate a (Notepad-like) text editor in case you do need to patch up your code.

Self, Tony. HyperWrite (2007). Articles>Reviews>Software>XML

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