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Digital Plagiarism: The Role of Society and Technology

Examines the application of the World Wide Web in class education and research and the ways in which the Internet has enabled cheating and given educators ways to fight plagiarism.

Kennedy, Ryan. Orange Journal, The (2005). Articles>Publishing>Ethics>Plagiarism


Distortion and the Politics of Pain Relief: A Habermasian Analysis of Medicine in the Media   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

This article invokes Habermas's ideal speech situation to analyze the controversy surrounding a recent study of pain relief for women in labor. Using Habermas's concepts, the authors argue that distortion of scientific and medical information originated in the New England Journal of Medicine article that first reported the study's results. Thus, their analysis aims to complicate the assumption that such distortion starts only with public reporting and to expose the ways that scientific or medical research from the beginning can be reported to either facilitate or preclude public debate and understanding of complex issues.

Koerber, Amy, E. Jonathan Arnett and Tamra Cumbie. Journal of Business and Technical Communication (2008). Articles>Publishing>Biomedical>Ethics


The Ethics of Technical Publishing: Trust Yourself

A researcher needs grit and self-trust to do this kind of work in the first place. Letting someone other than a ghostwriter or a reviewer do it for you will be self-defeating. An unethical deal here will corrupt you, the project, and your employer. You must finish the job in a straightforward accountable manner.

Delm, Jay. WritersWrite.com (2007). Articles>Publishing>Technical Writing>Ethics


Technical Writing and Publication Ethics   (PDF)

A discussion of what one must and must not do in peer-reviewed publishing.

Fang, Shu-Cherng. North Carolina State University (2002). Articles>Publishing>Ethics

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