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80/20 Practitioners Make Better Communicators

Approaches that are either too general or too specific can easily overwhelm practitioners—and derail budgets. Fresh from recent experiences with two large-scale redesigns, Katie Kovalcin suggests that flexibility and open communication can transform all team members into what she calls “80/20 practitioners,” creating a more effective balance of time and resources.

Kovalcin, Katie. List Apart, A (2015). Articles>Project Management>Web Design>Collaboration


The Core Model: Designing Inside Out for Better Results

If you’ve worked on a website design with a large team or client, chances are good you’ve spent some time debating (arguing?) with each other about what the homepage should look like, or which department gets to be in the top-level navigation—perhaps forgetting that many of the site’s visitors might never even see the homepage if they land there via search.

Aalen, Ida. List Apart, A (2015). Articles>Web Design>Project Management>Collaboration


Setting Priorities

Nearly every company I’ve worked with since becoming a web professional six years ago has lacked an efficient way to decide which things to do first. Put 10 people into a room for an hour, and they’ll surely come up with a wish list a mile long.

Fraser, Janice. Adaptive Path (2002). Articles>Web Design>Project Management>Collaboration


Workflow Orchestration for the Wary

Web developers are often expected to overcome any remaining reluctance to take charge of coordinating their own workflows. Fortunately for us, the methods for defining sensical workflow for projects have grown up and simplified. Which is good news. Because workflow matters.

Gardner, Lyza Danger. List Apart, A (2014). Articles>Web Design>Project Management>Collaboration

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