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Absolute PowerPoint

Before there were presentations, there were conversations, which were a little like presentations but used fewer bullet points, and no one had to dim the lights. A woman we can call Sarah Wyndham, a defense-industry consultant living in Alexandria, Virginia, recently began to feel that her two daughters weren't listening when she asked them to clean their bedrooms and do their chores. So, one morning, she sat down at her computer, opened Microsoft's PowerPoint program, and used it.

Parker, Ian. Ohio State University, The. Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Review: Challenging the Presentation Paradigm: Prezi

Coming from a little start-up in Hungary, Prezi is a web app (Flas/Flex based) that lets you author and deliver what they call “zooming presentations.” The description is apt, as Prezi presentations aren’t actually based on a the traditional linear slide model. Instead, Prezi embraces a zooming user interface model in which blocks of content are arranged contextually in relation to other blocks of content – and the user can zoom in and out of the content, alternating between a “big picture” view and a “detail” view.

Watrall, Ethan. Prof Hacker (2009). Articles>Reviews>Presentations>Software



Chances are you have watched your best intentions evaporate under pressure, to find yourself tweaking PowerPoint slides in the desperate hours or minutes before your presentation, scrambling to make time for a quick rehearsal and hoping against hope that you'll be able to pull off a miracle. Indeed, if good intentions paid dividends, plenty of presenters would have tidy sums to add to their retirement nest eggs. Procrastination being the force of nature it is, however, no matter how much lead time presenters give themselves and no matter how many resources are at their disposal, more often than not, the presentation-development process devolves from noble ambitions to utter chaos.

Zielinski, Dave. Presentations (2002). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Convince the Crowd With Presentations and Diagrams

Why just get by with a boring presentation when you can create a dynamite Microsoft Office PowerPoint® presentation or a colorful Microsoft Office Visio® diagram? Get ready to impress the big boss or the new team with simple ideas that go a long way.

Microsoft. Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Create a Voice Presentation With Impress and Audacity

Building a basic presentation that records and uses voice may be an important tool for communicating information. This project is based on employing two programs, Impress, which is the presentation program with OpenOffice, and Audacity, an easy to use sound editor, for building a voice presentation.

Linux Today (2004). Articles>Presentations>Software>OpenOffice


Creating Presentations with OperaShow

An article discussing how to use the Opera Web browser as a presentation tool.

Nesbitt, Scott. InformIT (2004). Articles>Presentations>Software


Dumb-Dumb Bullets

PowerPoint is not a neutral tool — it is actively hostile to thoughtful decision-making. It has fundamentally changed our culture by altering the expectations of who makes decisions, what decisions they make and how they make them. While this may seem to be a sweeping generalization, I think a brief examination of the impact of PowerPoint will support this statement.

Hammes, T.X. Armed Forces Journal (2009). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Fourteen Online Presentation Tools

There may be times when you need to present ideas to clients or co-workers and could benefit from one of the many resources for creating online presentations. In this post we’ll introduce 14 different presentation tools to get the job done. Some are free to use while others will come with a cost.

Vandelay Design Blog (2012). Articles>Presentations>Software>Online


Markdown Slideshow Example: Pandoc

In my last two postings, I introduced a way to create slide presentations by writing them in a simple text file, with Markdown formatting, and add some of the “infinite canvas” features of Impress.js. The resulting presentation (simple example) can be viewed in modern browsers without any special software.

Lawson, Konrad. Prof Hacker (2013). Articles>Presentations>Software>Markdown


Non-Linear PowerPoint Presentations

This non-linear PowerPoint tutorial will help you plan and create a presentation using some of the advanced branching and linking tools. You'll be able use the common drawing tools to design a simple user interface and navigation scheme.

Guides and Tutorials (2006). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


PowerPoint 2007 Tutorial

This tutorial is based on the PC version of Microsoft PowerPoint 2003, but the principles explained here should be similar for older versions of the program and for Macs.

Cramer, Dan. Ereunao (2007). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


PowerPoint 2010: Use Video Bookmarks to Trigger Animations

Let's say I'm going to teach a class on how to use Motion Paths. In the class, I'm going to give a presentation that shows this video. In the video there are two uses of motion paths, and I want a little blurb to pop up when the second one starts, alerting my learners that this is a separate motion path. Did you know that this can be accomplished in PowerPoint by using video bookmarks to trigger animations?

George, A.J. I Came, I Saw, I Learned (2012). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


PowerPoint Frustrates Student

I'm not a fan of PowerPoint. I've sat through too many deadly dull presentations by people who didn't know how to make a presentation interesting. So it saddens me to find out that universities have been infected by the PowerPoint virus. At least the students will be prepared for the real world when they graduate.

Soltys, Keith. Core Dump (2009). Articles>Presentations>Software


PowerPoint Makes You Dumb

PowerPoint is the world's most popular tool for presenting information. There are 400 million copies in circulation, and almost no corporate decision takes place without it. But what if PowerPoint is actually making us stupider?

Thompson, Clive. New York Times, The (2003). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Powerpoint PDF Bloating   (PDF)

When I convert my PowerPoint presentations to PDF, why do they become so huge? How can I get around this?

PDFzone (2004). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Preparing Presentation Slides

This tutorial presents a brief overview of the process for preparing presentation slides, introduces you to important design principles to consider as you prepare your slides, and helps you analyze the design of sample presentation slides.

Battalio, John T. Bedford-St. Martin's (2007). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Prezi for Annotated Bibliographies

Like many of you, I’ve got a love-hate relationship with annotated bibliographies. This semester I may have found an answer to the “hate” aspects of this assignment. I had the pleasure of teaching Rhetoric & Composition II Honors (FYC II Honors, basically). We put a multimodal focus on the course. Their big research paper was multimodal-based and a lot of the assignments and discussions were multimedia in nature. But the kicker, at least for this post, is that their ann bib for the big research paper was done in Prezi.

Hoover, Ryan S. Power of Persuasion, The (2012). Articles>Bibliographies>Presentations>Software


Record Better Narration

Though most presentations are delivered live, sometimes you need a prerecorded segment to use as narration for a video or a PowerPoint slideshow. If sound quality is your primary concern, it's best to use a professional sound studio. But if time and budget concerns are also part of the equation, it's possible to create high-quality narration yourself by adding some inexpensive recording equipment and software to your computer and following some basic recording guidelines. Assuming you already have a computer with a sound card (which acts as a digital recorder), what other gear do you need?

Fisher, Jeffrey P. Presentations (2003). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Sending a Portfolio Presentation to a Client

In Photoshop CS there's a new feature that takes a folder full of images, creates a slide show (complete with transitions), and compresses it into PDF format so you can e-mail it easily to a client for proofing. This is perfect for showing your portfolio to clients, sending clients proofs of wedding shots or portrait sittings, and any of a dozen other uses, none of which I can happen to think of right at this particular moment, but I'm sure later today, when I'm at the mall or driving to the office, they'll come to me.

Kelby, Scott. Layers Magazine (2005). Articles>Presentations>Software>Adobe Photoshop


Three Good Reasons To Stop Using PowerPoint

Quit using PowerPoint? But why? After all, you're used to PowerPoint, it does the job, it's the corporate standard, and you're not a techie trying to impress an audience with your know-how. All you want to do is create and deliver a good presentation with the least amount of effort. Which is precisely the point. If the objective of a presentation is to train, teach, sell or motivate, then good may not be good enough – PowerPoint may not be good enough. Other programs may have better options for illustrating specific processes or techniques, or they may have advantages when it comes to re-purposing the content for distribution via print, CD or the Web. Your time is also valuable, and there may be times when PowerPoint is not the most efficient way to create the visuals you need.

Waldman, Harry. Presentations (2003). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Tutorial on Creating an Explode Effect

In this presentation, you will learn how to create an explode effect on pictures.

Tohlz, Shawn. PowerPoint Heaven (2005). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Tutorial on Making an Automatic Slideshow and Delay Before Slide Advances

You need to make some delay so that all your slides will pause for a while before going to the next one. There are few ways to achieve this. This tutorial will cover two simple methods.

Tohlz, Shawn. PowerPoint Heaven (2005). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint


Tutorial on Spiral Effect for Text

I have experimented many ways to create a spiral effect on text. This requires the overlapping technique. The simplest way is to make use of Pinwheel Entrance effect to do the job, while the best way to create the most realistic impact is to have combination of different effects.

Tohlz, Shawn. PowerPoint Heaven (2005). Articles>Presentations>Software>Microsoft PowerPoint



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