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Captioning Tools

Before looking at tools, please look at the DMCP Captioning Key to get familiar with captioning standards.

Creswell, Bill. WordPress (2009). Articles>Multimedia>Accessibility>Software


Captivate Versus Camtasia Studio

I’ve been exploring Captivate lately because I wanted to translate some screencasts for a project I’m undertaking. It turns out, Captivate doesn’t work so well for screencasting. Slide-based eLearning, sure. But when you have a lengthy software simulation, it fails because you can’t edit the audio while watching the video play. Really? Yes. Really.

Johnson, Tom H. I'd Rather Be Writing (2010). Articles>Multimedia>Software>Screencasting


Five Adobe Captivate Tips

Five simple Adobe Captivate tips that help you design, develop, and review your projects quickly.

V., Smitha. Indus (2010). Articles>Multimedia>Software>Adobe Captivate


Magic iMovie

Introduces how to use iMovie 5's 'Magic iMovie' feature to capture video from camcorder and record to DVD.

Jennings, Stephanie and Jennifer Phillips. Studio for New Media (2006). Articles>Multimedia>Software>Video


Using Actor Network Theory to Trace and Improve Multimodal Communication Design   (peer-reviewed)   (members only)

During the aftermath of recent disasters (both natural and human made), people have communicated by cobbling together available social software resources—relying on the capabilities of Internet tools such as blogs, news sites, and Flickr. Examining the use of social software taking place after the London bombings of July 7, 2005, I propose a method by which we can study users' literate appropriations to shape the development of more accommodating communication systems.

Potts, Liza. Technical Communication Quarterly (2009). Articles>Multimedia>Software>Theory

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