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Embracing Wikis

In this podcast, Stewart talks about the following: the advantages of using a wiki for your technical documentation; why lack of advanced styles in wikis isn’t a major problem; the relentless focus on simplicity with wikis; choosing the right wiki among dozens of wiki engines.

Mader, Stewart and Tom H. Johnson. Tech Writer Voices (2008). Articles>Interviews>Wikis


Talking About Wikis with Stewart Mader

An interview done by Scott Nesbitt of DMN Communications. Nesbitt talks with Stewart Mader, author of the book WikiPatterns. In the interview, Nesbitt and Mader discuss adopting wikis, how best to use them in an organization, building communities around wikis, and why Mader is so passionate about wikis.

Nesbitt, Scott and Stewart Mader. DMN Communications (2008). Articles>Interviews>Wikis>Podcasts


Wikis for Technical Documents: Interview With Alan Porter

Here is the edited version of Cherryleaf’s transatlantic Web interview with Alan Porter on wikis and their use for technical documentation.

Pratt, Ellis. Cherryleaf (2010). Articles>Interviews>Documentation>Wikis

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