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Creating PDF files from DITA Content   (PDF)

The DITA OpenToolkit (DITA OT) provides a way to produce multiple outputs, including Portable Document Format (PDF) files; however, the technology for creating PDF files is limited, and modifying the formatting is challenging. This paper explains the alternatives and trade-offs for each method and helps demystify the decision process.

Loring, Sheila and David James Kelly. Scriptorium (2009). Articles>Information Design>DITA>Adobe Acrobat


A Watched Folder for Publishing from DITA Source Files

This post describes creating a watched folder that runs DITA transforms on content that is copied into the folder on a shared server. It also gives instructions for using this "transform engine" to output both PDF and CHM files using the default DITA Open Toolkit transform files. I devised this set up so that we could test our prototypes while we model our existing content, and I wanted to share it with others who are getting started with DITA on a small scale.

Gentle, Anne. BMC Software (2008). Articles>Information Design>DITA>Adobe Acrobat

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