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Automating Your Word Indexes   (PDF)

Have you ever tried to create an index in Word? Were you dissatisfied with the options available in the dialogs? There are other features available that can provide you with a higher level of control over the structure of the index. This article gives you an overview of advanced indexing techniques; see Word’s online help for details. The menu sequences are for Word 2000; there are slight differences in Word 2002.

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Creating an Index in Microsoft Word

For technical writers, a well-crafted index helps organise the writing process, in particular, when you get to the production stage.

Klariti. Articles>Indexing>Software>Microsoft Word


Indexing with Microsoft Word

Microsoft Word assists you in creating an embedded index. While Microsoft Word makes it easy to enter individual index entries, much effort is still required to create page ranges and to edit the final index.

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